Main Street, 1960’s Pipe Band


1960s Pipe Band 3 wmFurther photos of the Pipe band leading the Scout Parade during the 1960’s at High Blantyre’s Main Street.

This is near the top of Kirkton Cross, not far from the lights. The wooden trellises on the right, the beginning of a little circular park where now the modern flats at the corner of Douglas Street are. The houses and shops pictured (directly opposite where Lomond View flats are now) all demolished.

A wider, wonderful full photo is attached below, putting the whole scene in clear, perspective.

1960s Pipe Band 4 wm

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Moyra Lindsay Must have been early sixties, as the chiropodist became my shop in 1964. That is just as you come out your gate. Just opposite the entrance to the flats now. It was a driving school when we bought it, in fact I think mr Sim was the man who made the miners memorial??

Blantyre Project think i have a photo of the building just before demolition. Will schedule a post about that. Thanks Moyra. I always learn so much each time you comment.

Gary Doonin Met mick McNeil keyboard player with Simple minds about 10 years ago and he told us the group before they made it big did their band rehearsal in the halls of one of those buildings don’t know if it’s halls or function suite of the old Apollo

Elizabeth Weaver High Blantyre was so different back then. Lovely to be reminded of it – it was much more of a village, with older buildings and wide pavements. It just looks so empty to me now.

Elizabeth Lovatt I remember my grand parents having their golden wedding ( 50 yrs ) in the masonic halls……..The police station homes were across the road as I recall and the gates to the public park.

John Gillespie A scene I still remember well after 58 years.

Alan Baird craigneath filling station was between the masonic buildings and the wee cottages
Eleanor Connor I always wonder about that wee derelict cottage when I pass it…..think it belonged to John Murray.

Liz Allan Building to the right had a hairdressers and a wee sweet shop where you could buy homemade ice lollies at lunch time from high blantyre primary
Carole M Castle Your right Elizabeth I remember the police houses and the park gates and if you came out the park and turned left you eventually came to Mcleans the newsagents x



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