Barnhill Boys & Graffiti 1920’s

1920s boys at Barnhill wmI’ve been zooming in on old photos again to see what I’d previously missed.

Like these two wee boys walking past a house in Barnhill during the 1920’s, or immediately in front of them, on the top of the wall at the Pech Brae, seeing SO much graffiti, which surprised me.

1920s graffiti on wall

Initials and dates painted on in black on to the whitewashed wall (once the back part of a building), this wall is still there today at the top of the brae. I could just about pick out dates in the 1920s, but it still surprised me to see vandalism on buildings in that era.

“GT, clearly a repeat offender!”

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Lesley Bethel The two wee boys , according to Ruby Ripley, nee Bethel, were her brother, Jack Bethel and his friend John Martin. Jack was born in 1922 and the family lived in the tenement building adjacent to that house. The building was around where the Hoolets car park is now. That photograph was made into a postcard, of which we have a copy and was then sketched and made into a print by Harry Rankin, an artist who lived in Hunthill Rd. we have one of those prints too.
Blantyre Project Excellent Lesley. Thats the kind of thing i love to read! I’ll see what i can find out about the wee boys.

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