1989 Church Halls, High Blantyre

The former Blantyre Old Parish Church Halls at Kirkton Cross, in 1989, shortly before demolition. Whats your memories of this well used and remembered building?

1989 Church Halls wm

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Lynn Delaney Christmas parties upstairs in the main hall. The youth club also met there. The Brownies and Guides were based there, lots of memories of this great building.
Christian Henderson I used to go to brownies in there 😀
Lillias Addison This is where I met my future husband at a scout dance many years ago
Marian Maguire I think it was a shame to demolish it, but the Road was very tight, They should have rerouted that part before they built schoolhouse Lane. It a shame not much of old Blantyre left.
Moyra Lindsay I remember being asked to go to youth fellowship dance there and nobody spoke to me.
A year later I was at another one in the Masonic hall further down the road and I had to walk home in my bare feet as they were so sore from dancing.
Have to say I’ve never forgotten the people at the first one!
Anne Ellis That was not a very nice memory and I certainly hope I was not one of those who left you alone, hugs x
Moyra Lindsay Anne Ellis it just came to me when I saw the hall and the word memory. I haven’t dwelt on it at all, every young person gets moments like that, it’s character building. Xx
Moyra Lindsay Anne Ellis you would have been far too young!
Ann Adair Creechan I used to go to Sunday school there while mum was over in the church and also went to the guides in the evening.
Yvonne Kelly I went to playgroup here. Every time I smell custard creams or play dough it reminds me of this building
Janis Orr Sunday school, Christmas parties, scout dances, guides and brownies. Washing dishes in the kitchen. Singing sings on the stage. Lots of great memories and good friends.
Drew Fisher I remember Sunday School being held in the upstairs hall. We met as one assembly before breaking out into groups around the hall.
I cannot remember the name of the lady who led Sunday School but I well recall her being very solemn and announcing the death of Sir Winston Churchill to us.
I do remember our group teacher Sandy Forsyth. He was such an inspiration and loving Christian man. He drowned off Isla while on a seaside mission to share the great news of Jesus with the children of Isla. I was on holiday at the time but heard stories of people lining the Main Street at his funeral. Often pause to remember him even 52 years after his passing.
Anne Ellis Jean Davidson ?
Anne Ellis Remember Sandy and remember the day when all of us in Hunthill where he lived, heard the tragic news. R.I.P
Drew Fisher Anne Ellis I just can’t remember but I think she would have been retired or nearly retired at the time
Jim McLean Betty Taylor?
Moira Mulvaney Pacheco He was a lovely person. I remember when he was drowned . Always think about him.
Moyra Lindsay Moira Mulvaney Pacheco Hi there it’s the other Moyra! Sandy grave is just inside cemetery gate to the left. Always stop there.
Jim McLean Vi and Irene McDade, Jessie and Ina McCorkindale, Brian Elder, Joe Ford, Jean and William McLean, Alex and Jean McClean, Willie Anderson, Ian Baird, Ian and Marjory Maxwell, Peter and Gladys Coulson, John, Nan, Robert and Anne Moonie, John and Nellie CSee more
Paul Veverka Jim I remember loads of the people from Sunday school, Kirk players and from church. Many were friends with my parents and I see several not here anymore. That’s a good memory you have!
Paul Veverka did Betty stay near the top of Stonefield Crescent?
Margaret Sanderson Paul – BettyBlived in Springfield CrescentHenry Hambley So any memories of this place. Sunday school both primary (met downstairs in the wee hall) and junior (upstairs). Cubs, scouts youth fellowship, dances. It seemed the centre of my social life .
Karon Knox I went to Brownies, guides, Sunday school and took the beavers I Went to jumble sales Christmas parties saw Santa and listened to the mice running underneath the floorboards. Fabulous memories of my childhood . Karon Knox (Wilson)
Lee Whyte Brownies, guides and Kirk players. Remember the secret stairs from the downstairs to upstairs hall and being terrified of being locked in. Lots of amazing childhood memories in there.
Bernadette Watt I used to go here with my gran,mum auntie and family to the Jumble sales x
Ian Nicol I remember going to a youth club dance there in the 1970s. 😊
Carole Mackie Rickard Sunday School, Brownies, Youth Fellowship..
Morag Mathieson Just a big part of my childhood: Sunday school, youth fellowship, brownies, guides, parties, jumble sales, Christmas Eve dance and more.
Elizabeth Grieve I went to the badminton club in the upstairs hall. Did that for 4 years

John Mcclenaghan I went to the cubs and scouts in it
Geordie McClenaghan Going to the cubs and scouts in the Big hall, doing sponsored sleepovers and being terrified to go down the old stairs at the back of the stage except at Christmas when they led to a Santa’s grotto
Jim McLean The thing I immediately thought of on seeing the old hall was the unsung heroes, John and Nanny Baird who looked after the church and hall as Beadle (and elder for Hunthill Road) and cleaners for many years until age and health matters took there toll. John Baird was also janitor of High Blantyre Primary School for many years until retirement. It was an enormous upkeep keeping the premises clean and polished with the wooden floors and boilers stoked with coal and then later oil. I remember well cleaning them out with my dad, Tom McLean, the longest serving Session Clerk in the Parish. His stained glass tribute window is in the vestibule on the right as you go in the main doors of the church. My sister Anne and I spent a lot of time in those buildings in our youth assisting our parents Tom and May (Shaw) with the various goings on. Never heard of the High Blantyre Cross being called Kirkton Cross, this must be a new thing.
Thomson Andrew Attended the scouts there many many moons ago
Paul Veverka Remember the big cast radiators and the worn stone spiral steps? So many parties and functions on that top floor.
Kirsty McIntosh Playgroup, Sunday school, brownies, guides, Christmas parties, pantomime rehearsals, spent my childhood there!
Elizabeth Lovatt I went to brownies, guides, Sunday school then on to being a Sunday school teacher and cub scout leaderr (Akela )…also all the dances with Jimmy Jack or John Jack playing piano…..big, big part of my life back then. I had Morag Anderson Mathieson in my Sunday school class so now I am feeling old…lol The hall was the meeting place back then.
Alison McAlpine We held the Eager Beavers Playgroup in there. We used only downstairs. When equipment was being put away in the small room at the back, we took the children through to the wee room at the corner for story and songs. Many friendships made there.
Carole M Castle I went to brownies guides and Sunday school they also had disco’s here for the teenagers from High Blantyre I lived in the tenements on main street just up from the church hall good memories x
Carole M Castle I also remember Mr and Mrs Baird I went to school with their son x
Kerry Tremble Kevan Xmas parties as a kid
Mary Gemmell Sutherland I remember kissing a handsome young man in there! Oops I’ve said too much already! Blantyre Old always had The Best Christmas parties 😜
Margaret Elma Griffin I was a member of the Girls Life Brigade back in the day the meetings were held in the Church Halls
Debbie Mccreadie I went to Sunday school in there
William Dickson the good days stayed round the corner in park crecent my childhood days did everything in the church hall best nights was the dancing never was called kirkton cross always high blantyre cross with railway station just across the road they were great days in the 50s and early60s vals pub called victoria bar maggie fords shop at the school dont forget the miners who worked in the pit down douglas street great days when you lived at the cross all we have left is our parish church witch still standing to this day great memories also at school lane showing my age now
Linda Gourlay Played badmington in there in the upstairs hall I think???
Brenda Cropp Jeffrey Sunday school! I put my hand through the glass door at the Christmas party x
Gordon Telfer drunken bum
Peter Kelly Went to the Wednesday night Cubs for a few years in the mid 70’s.

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