10,000 Archive Images

Today, I’m pleased to inform readers that the 10,000th image was uploaded into Blantyre Project Archives! Incredibly, the main website at http://www.blantyreproject.com now has over 10,000 Blantyre related images of buildings, streets, people and places! Archived strictly into topics and managed in chronological order it means readers can go straight to specific areas of interest, e.g people in the 1950’s, Barnhill in the 1920s, a unique, structured order, something I’m very proud of.


Representing not only the largest collection of images of Blantyre, this important collection is also one of the largest collection of photos in Lanarkshire. Indeed it has  grown so considerably in the last 7 years, I’m confident it is now one of the largest collections of photos of any one town, in all of the country!

Importantly, with such a shared collection, donated by many thousands of people, all this can still be accessed for FREE and is currently being preserved not just online and in many Blantyre Project books, but also in another way, which when disclosed next year, will guarantee the entire collection is available for many generations to audiences both on and offline.

Blantyre Project, as long as it remains under my remit will always be non profit making, free to access and grow daily, something I promise you will continue for a long, long time.

Thank you to everybody who has contributed images to this site over the years.

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