Swimming before Sports Centre

23659524_1606800729379930_1591798301623806835_nI asked, “Before the Sports Centre in early 1980’s, where did Blantyre folks go to swim? Hamilton? Bellshill? EK?”

I remember going to Bellshill baths in the 1970”s every Saturday morning. Memories of that included the huge steps at the entrance to the baths, the plastic changing room crates for clothes, the high dales, particularly cold water and of course the brilliant chips in the cafe afterwards and 5p space invaders games, the first time i ever saw a games arcade machine.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Bobby Bean Dollan Baths EK
Stephen Speirs East Kilbride – many a happy day at the Dollan baths when I was young – and occasionally went to Hamilton. After swimming, we enjoyed sausage roll in the Dollan baths cafe, occasionally a cream doughnut in BHS in EK. Or chips from the Kentucky Fried Chicken that used to be near Hamilton baths
Gary Doonin Big room changing rooms at Hamilton baths or hitch hike to Dolan baths EK , occasionally Rutherglen
Thomas Barrett Hamilton or EK
Elaine Speirs Hamilton baths. The queue on a Saturday morning was mental.
Dorothy Doherty Hamilton is was great you could spectate and keep an eye on the kids
Marié Rodwell Hamilton old baths

Elizabeth Cushley Weir Hamilton baths x
Gordon Hayburn Hamilton and East Kilbride.
Anne Callaghan Hamilton or East Kilbride
Janis Orr EK or Hamilton
David Hamilton Hamilton baths as a boy, then EK as a teenager, used to hitch hike up and back before school in the morning, quite often I’d be 1st in the pool.
Thomas Fallon Doon the Clyde at the wier or u the Cawder at the falls
Scott Cameron Was always Bellshill baths as my dad grew up in Viewpark
Lynn Delaney EK and sometimes my dad took us to Wishaw.
James Donnelly The quarry, just off Old Ferme Road…remember the scorching hot summer of 1982 well, we were never away from it. Minging, in hindsight
Catherine Sneddon Dolan in ek aswell xx
Alan Baird mostly east kilbride , then hamilton
Sheena Thomson Hamilton baths learned myself how to swim there in the fifties.
Julie Tabor Ek or Hamilton
Carole Mackie Rickard EK mostly but Hamilton too, I’ve never been to Bellshill baths.
Liz Jack Hamilton
Arlene Campbell Dollan ek
Sharon Kerrigan Depended who took me but Hamilton or Dolan, EK
Carol Crombie Hamilton old baths – where you could cut your feet on the broken tiles for free!
Mark Grieve Hamilton baths with my dad every Saturday morning then a soup from the KFC that used to be where the Chinese restaurant is now ,,,then ek baths as a teenager ,,,
Gordon Frew Wishaw & Hamilton
Daniel Anderson Dolan baths
Rab Straiton Doon the cawther!
Brian Slevin Cawder faws
Karen Morton Hamilton and Dolan EK
Rose Lee Hamilton and sometimes Dolan
David Nuttall Rutherglen Paul with my mum n aunties.
Henry Hambley I used to go either Motherwell or Bellshill baths for the Turkish Baths or sauna when I worked in the Lanakshire Steel Worksworks.
Davy Thomson Hamilton baths for me
Jan McDonald Hamilton
Gary Law Dolan baths E.K.
Eleanor Connor Hamilton…..💚💛
Elizabeth Grieve Hamilton or the Dolan
Paul Donnelly Doon the saunies, the cawder falls and Davy livvies falls
Steven Forrester You missed the springboard and eyes bright red 🙂
Michael Burns Diving to touch the black diamond in Hamilton or walking to the Dollan baths in EK only to get chucked out after 10 minutes 4 dive bombing
Marc Moran Hamilton, Whishaw and Bellshill
Michael Hutchison Colin Laird Clyde falls or the Calder
Marianne Stark Aitken Hamilton then spend your bus fare on chips at the KFC and had to walk hame wi ma brothers 😩
Michelle Milligan Sasso Hamilton (remember the old tiles in pool..not good for your feet). EK Saturday morning with my dad who taught me to swim there.
Carol Porter East Kilbride
Sharon Reid School took us to Hamilton to learn to swim, then the Dolan for the dales when we got bigger.
Anne Ellis Hamilton before EK was opened
Lynn Smith Hamilton and East Kilbride
Anton Le Grandier Above the weir at Bothwell bridge 😀
Sadie Dolan Hamilton x
Anne Grogan Hamilton, we used to go there with the school as well.
Stephen Boyd The falls down the calder
Davie Robson Walked to hamilton baths with pals and got a wee snack fae barry Douglas bakers on way home tae springwells
Helen Stewart Hamilton east kilbride and Bellshill
Andy Lynch If anyone has any doubts it was Hamilton baths. Who could afford the bus fare to go anywhere else. Loved going there with my dad and sisters what a treat especially the tablet from the grocers in Almada street. Remember the queing and forming 1/2 spheres in the sandstone with the old pennies which if you where to look are still there. I loved Hamilton baths
Linda Halpin Hamilton was the easiest to get to
John Krawczyk East Kilbride and Hamilton
Elizabeth Lovatt Hamilton was easier to get to
Catriona Paterson Hamilton but learned to swim in wishaw baths.
Catriona Paterson Forgot East kilbride Dollan baths.
Andy Paterson Hamilton or Dollan baths
Bonnie Chapman Taking kids to Bellshill
Susan Flannigan Mayes Went to Hamilton with the school with the half door changing rooms facing the pool ! Went to EK later where they had flumes.
Beverley Orr Hamilton and EK.
Peter Kelly East Kilbride. Went to Hamilton with the school.
Caroline McDougall Hamilton and East Kilbride
Ian Paterson The public park
Betty Brown Hamilton, the school use to take us in a bus,👹👹👹
Thea Borland Mcnamee Hamilton or ek
Margaret Sanderson Coatbridge (dad’s home town), Wishaw, Hamilton
John Fallon Jnr Motherwell baths
John Allan Hamilton had ta walk there so wee could get a cup of soup out the shop at the front of them happy days
Isabel Mcneily Definitely Hamilton, with grapes and sweeties in the shop near the bus stop
Maryclare Nelson Wishaw , occasionally Motherwell.
Jacqueline Budris Hamilton then Kentucky for chips. X
Dean Campbell aw the way tae bellshill when ye had the falls
Carole M Castle Hamilton my dad used to take us every Saturday x
Lillias Addison Hamilton, every Saturday morning
Ean Brown Hamilton
Caroline McDougall And the public park
Alison McAlpine I went to East Kilbride with the kids.
Graham Elder I know exactly the crates you mean, and while your picture is nothing like the ones at Bellshill, I expect no photo of this things actually exists. Which is sad. Thanks for reminding me – the stairs, ticket office and separate school changing room all stand out
Eleanor Clark would it not be Hamilton, the old baths.xx
Ian Paterson Up the cawther
Agnes Hynds Hamilton
Frances KellyCsn Hamilton or EK
Greer Litster We used to walk to Hamilton baths!!
Rab Mccarrol Hamilton, school used to take us there
May Mccarrol We always took you to Bellshill

Michael Mckane dolan in ek

Aileen Farrell Hamilton x
Brian Gallagher Bellshill were the best because of the 12ft pool and the clearer water – Coatbridge baths always had the mixture wrong, and you couldn’t see a thing without goggles
Libby Moffat Hamilton ; with school ,and pals then the Kentucky after good memories x
Stephen Kelly The cawthir
Matthew Neil Dolan baths ek in 70s
Matthew Neil Ek was 14 deep and Olympic size and top dale never open but Davy swinburne slipped past rope and did very fucking high
Stephen Welby The Dolan in EK. Never liked the Hamilton baths… they had an ant problem lol
Ina Sanders when I was 12 it was Hamilton baths
Stewart Strang Doon the Calder fauls 💥
Brian Hughes ek dolan baths used to hitch up and walk back
Jacqueline Morton We used to spend our bus fare and walk home x

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