November Book Sales


It’s the end of November and WOW, what a month! As with previous years, November always sees record book sales as people rush to get Christmas presents for family. This year was no exception, more so than ever!

I’m proud to let you know, transparently as always, Blantyre Project raised £545.00 during November from book sales alone. (thats AFTER the cost of the books themselves were deducted!)

It’s been a strange old month. Having lost stock, banners, a stand and a money envelope in the recent Welfare fire, I’ll be retaining £205 to cover the loss which should be enough to replenish books, to let people once again be able to buy them offline from various outlets again throughout Blantyre. I wasn’t insured and have no wish to claim or compound the misery the Welfare must be experiencing for everything else.

The remainder will entirely be donated to local charitable causes within Blantyre, distributed in December via my charity “sister website”, Blantyre Telegraph which ALSO had a brilliant fundraising month. I personally don’t take ONE penny from the sales of my books, a pledge i’ll keep.

This record breaking month has been down to 3 things. First, a great order for books from Crossbasket Castle, and also excellent November festive sales online at Amazon. Finally, all the kind people who bought books (and nearly cleared out my whole stock) at the recent Festive event. If I hadn’t packed up early to help with the lights, they would have been gone!

Thank you to everybody who bought a book or two. I sincerely hope you and the people receiving them as Christmas gifts, enjoy them!

It’s important to me that people know what the funds raised will be used for. The benefactors of my donation therefore will be announced later this evening on the Blantyre Telegraph website.

Thank you to everybody for all your support.


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  1. Thanks Mike. If you go to and search at the top for “Blantyre Project”, it should return the results and links. Cheers. Much appreciated.

  2. Michael Glangevlin McGovern

    Paul – can you please post the Amazon link where I can purchase a few more of your amazing books? Thanks pal. Mike from New York.

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