December New Photos

To celebrate the run up to Christmas, this December (as I’ve done here for each of the last 6 years), I’ll be unveiling many, many BRAND NEW Blantyre photos each and every day! Some contributed, others from my own collection.
Starting 1st December and throughout the whole month, I’ve chosen some amazing new photos to feature exclusively here on Blantyre Project for your enjoyment. As always, I’ll be providing unique commentary against each.
I’ve been thrilled this year to have kept up the momentum with new articles, new photos and stories. I remain super motivated and look forward to 2018, going to be a massive year for Blantyre Projects Books and associated offline projects. Building the Blantyre History Archives at Blantyre Project has become more than a hobby. It never fails to amaze me when people comment it’s become an important archive for Blantyre’s history. (I hope you agree).
As we all enter the festive period, I hope these photos brighten up the darker Winter days.
Are you ready for a Christmas “Photo Fest?!”

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