Walter Stark’s Song

I was sent this message today, which I thought i’d share, demonstrating that even around the world, people are remembering the 140th Anniversary of the Pit Disaster today,

“Hi Paul, I’m not on Facebook but sending you this email to thank you very much for your interest and unswerving dedication to Blantyre. I’m so pleased that today, the anniversary of a tragedy that shaped the place forever gets remembered there with such respect and here in Australia (at least in one house in Melbourne) with the same feelings. Here’s to the memory of every one of those who died. Here’s to our enduring disdain for the injustice visited on the poor souls who were left behind, and here’s to us who will always hold this day close in our thoughts. Fantastic stuff Paul, thank you. Walter Stark” PS. I wrote this we song a few years ago. Just finished singing it loudly, now drinking my own toast to the hundreds lost…  

Blantyre 1877

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