History Presentation Success

Thank you to the ladies of the Women’s Institute at High Blantyre Old Parish Church Halls this evening for inviting me along to present an evening of Blantyre history.

It was my second year at this venue and the ladies always make me feel most welcome. I enjoyed myself hugely and hope you all did too. It was a pleasure to meet some new faces, learn some new history and chat to some more familiar people. I hope you all enjoyed the photos and stories.

This is the start of a “little winter season of history presentations” for local clubs and groups pre booked in advance some time ago. I’ll be hosting a larger event available to all the public towards the end of the year, before taking the presentation in junior format to schools for a couple of days in the New Year.

Well done to the lucky ladies who won some freebie books. As always, I took no fee of course, asking for it to be donated to charity instead, accepting a nice cup of tea afterwards before zooming off to catch the second half of the football! Brilliant night all round.



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