Goodnight Columba Club

22282064_1478952748839024_3414490603228495550_nIt is with some sadness I learned today of another great little club that has permanently closed its doors for the last time.

The end of an era, as ‘The Columba Club’ on Carlowrie Avenue, Coatshill closed for the final time last night, Sunday 8th October 2017.

The club closed due to unaffordable repairs needed and sadly joins other recent buildings to be sold off to developers. Rumours at the club suggest houses may be built on this land in the near future.

Robert Wishart commented, “Andy McDade and I have performed every Wednesday at the Columba Club for over fourteen years and we would like to thank the committee, bar staff and most of all the people who have attended every week, year in year out supporting us.”

The story of The Columba Club and its predecessor, Knights of St Columba is scheduled to be told here in December.

Photo with thanks: J Donnelly

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Andy Lynch I am so sorry to hear about the demise of the Columba club or the knights as we all knew it by. So many fond memories of the club which I think opened around 1975. There was the time me and my Dad (Wullie Lynch) were a wee bit drunk and agreed to buy a dog from someone in the club although my wee sisters (Margaret McCluskey and Nancy McFadden) were exited my mum (Ella Lynch) was not to happy but ended up loving Glen (the dog). In later years around club closing time mother would let Glen out and he would run down Milands avenue lie in the grass waiting for me and my dad to stagger out the club.

Also memories of the great people like my Uncle Jim (Frew), Frank Miller, Frank McGowan, Gus Wylie also my next door neighbours Jimmy and Annie Meek Will never forget the many times staggering up Milands avenue with my Dad and Jimmy

Nancy McFadden Andrew that was nice, it was so much part of us and the people in the scheme….was there in July with my friend Helen and we had a great night …….
Suzanne Kerr Aw that’s a shame

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