1980s Calderside Farm Equipment

With thanks to Jim Cochrane for sharing these. Jim told us, “Here’s some photos of Calderside Farm Steading in the 1980s. Silage and turnips for feeding the dairy Cattle in the 3 Byres. Only 70 dairy cattle in the days before these super herds. This is in the main yard or close only partly concreted as the rest was the bedrock that the whole farm sat on.”

The back of the barn with the big wooden doors . The barn was split on two levels and had at one time a fixed barnmill driven by a horse gin housed in a small round building next door . Just to the right, inside the doors was an access stairway up to the stable loft and would have been where the originally stored the oats in 220 lb bags or 100kg. These had to be carried up the stairs and along into the loft by hand. Before my time we only used 50kg bags.
Between here and the stable was the bothy where the ploughmen would live in years gone by. We used the lister bale elevator to put the hay bales up into the sheds.



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Bruce Baldwin Remember it well from my days as postie delivering the mail and other things lol all over sydes brae
Maggie Anderson Bruce Baldwin did you deliver mail to Park farm ?
Maggie Anderson Went to a barn dance in one of these buildings many moons ago !🤣
Drew Fisher Great to see these ‘old’ pictures. It would be really helpful with all of these pictures and stories, especially coal pits, if there was some sort of map reference for those of us who don’t recall places. Many thanks for all your work.
John Queen Marshalls farm ??
Sheena McManus Many a wonderful Sunday spent at calderside farm
Geraldine Clements agree Sheena. Sunday walk up to the farm set you up for the lovely tea Mrs Marshalls served. happy memories

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