1978 Blantyre & Whitehill Accies


1978 Blantyre & Whitehill Accies wmIn late September 1978, a prize night was held in the Griffen Hotel, Bothwell to celebrate the highly successful season of the Blantyre & Whitehill Accies Football Club, where the talented youngsters even ventured into Europe!

Some of the lads pictured are showing off their silverware, some of it won against the cream of Europe’s football youngsters. The club had recently returned from a trip to Sweden.

Do you know any of the players?

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Kenny Beecroft Adam Gibson , Jamie Boyle , Chic Starr , and I think it’s Alex McConnell , and Billy McConnell back far right . The rest are from younger teams that I don’t know I think .
James McConnell Brilliant
Kenny Beecroft That was them with trophies after returning from great success at the “ Gothia Cup “ tournament in Gothenburg James . The under 14’s ( Alex , Billy and our Gordon’s team ) lost in the final to Bayern Munich under 14’s if I remember right .
But I seem to remember the 16’s won their trophy 🏆
Janie McConnell Think your right kenny, our Alex & David Flannagan will definitely know ! Mark Smith Ist left back row. 🏆
Kenny Beecroft 1st left at the back is Adam Gibson with the long curly hair Janie . I knew Mark too though ? Played for Celtic and Dunfermline .
Alan Young I was there as well Janie
Janie McConnell Mark is in front of Adam Gibson Kenny. Yeah mark played with c & Dunfermline.
Kenny Beecroft God Janie , I didn’t recognise Mark there haha . Do now that you pointed it out
Janie McConnell Where r u in the photo Alan ?
Alan Young Don’t know but I was there for that picture and I was in Sweden
Alan Young Janie McConnell showed my mum the photo she said I was there that night for the photo shoot but can’t explain why am not in it

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