1962 View from Priory Bing


This fantastic picture is shared by Anthony Smith and shows the view across to Blantyre from the Priory Bing. Taken in the early 1960’s, this was the final few years of the bing, the last chimney seen standing on the right, demolished later in Spring 1969.

This view looks across to Coatshill and Blantyre.

1962 Priory Bing towards Blantyre wm

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Sylvia Mclaughlin I remember staying in Hillview Dr, crossing train track going to bing. Happy days
Moyra Lindsay When we drove past the Bing my dad always told me my grandpa built it. I never knew him, died at 59.
Thomas Barrett That was our playground in the 60s
Isobel Paterson Can still smell it lol
Anne Quinn Memories x
Jim Donnelly Remember Watching Tony Jumping Off The Top Of The Bing With His Parachute.
Blantyre Project thats coming up soon!
Jean McIntosh A lot of hard work went into building it Moyra x
Moyra Lindsay Probably what killed him. Out in all weathers and walked there and back from where Asda is now.
Colin Duffy I spent all day there that was my playground when I was young brilliant playground šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜
Nancy McFadden Remember it well ……spent hours and hours on top of it .
Jay Peajohn Stone My Grampa worked there…
Jay Peajohn Stone Retired about 1961…dead…1965
Helen Henderson Mclaughlin Spent lots happy days there. Though sad day when schoolboy from my class died down there

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