1962 Playing on the Clyde

1962 Clyde playing by Anthony Smith in May wmOut on the River Clyde, in May 1962, is little Anthony Smith playing out on a home made raft. His father took the picture, so was nearby in case anything happened, but it didn’t just get me thinking of innocent childhood youth spending warm summers making their own entertainment.

In these days of health and safety and changed times, I wonder now how many kids would be allowed out on the Clyde, even with their parents nearby!? Perhaps we’ve all taken health and safety too far these days.

1962 Clyde by Anthony Smith in May wm

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John Cornfield This was the sort of entertainment we had as kids fun on The Clyde
Jim Donnelly So true John.
Blantyre Project we’ve all got softer, its true. My heart skips a beat at the thought of my daughter ever going near the Clyde or the Calder, let alone building a raft on it. Shes not much younger than the boys pictured. My parents were ok about me playing in the Calder as long as i was in before the street lights came on in winter or time deadlines in summer.
Moira Macfarlane Brilliant happy day’s,,,
Jimmy Whelan Nae x-boxes then…. just fresh air and mischief…

Jim Frame i remember a guy from udson who had one leg and a wee blue invalid car and a canoe who took people on the canoe his name was robert jackson when i was wee i got to ride in the car while guys took the canoe down to the clyde or calder cant remember which river brilliant memories

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