Birth of Springwell

1859 Springwells

1859 Map of Springwells , marked up for this narrative

The Springwell area of Blantyre took its name from a moderately sized but prominent, former farmhouse that once stood detached and isolated on the Glasgow to Hamilton Road. The farm was situated at its junction with the track that would later become Auchinraith Road. Springwell Farm was built in the late 1700’s but was demolished in the third quarter of the 19th Century before anybody could photograph it. There are no known sketches of it either.  

The name was ‘Springwell’ and not ‘Springwells’ which only appears in more modern times with an ‘s’ at the end named after the 3 wells at the junction. This farmhouse at the fork in the road, (a building explored later in the book) was the birth of Springwell as a small hamlet and very much the early beating heart of this area’s history.

The 1859 map in the above illustration shows the expansive fields of Springwell Farm, fields that would later be acquired for building upon, especially around either side of the Glasgow to Hamilton Road. To the west was Blantyre, still largely undeveloped, to the south east, the rural charms of Greenfield farm. This chapter deals with the land to the south of the main road and the hamlet of Springwell, which was about to expand hugely.

From the book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Janet Mcmillan I lived a long time ago in springwells Burnside crescent came to visit a few years ago unfortunately our house no longer stands there we lived at 74 by the lane going up to the wee shop
Marion Anderson I lived in Auchinraith terrace.. The house was still there in 2009, the last time I was over
Janet Mcmillan Came about five years ago with my sister it’s all regenerated and new searched up and down that road and it was gone lol
Janet Mcmillan It’s stunning now x
Elizabeth Cushley Weir I lived number 18 Burnside crescent
Janet Mcmillan OMG small world it was an amazing street years ago and your name rings a bell in my head Elizabeth Cushley Weir my dad was Robert latta and Margaret latta
Janet Mcmillan Would be nice if anybody that lived there in the seventies was on this page ime sure wede all remember each other
Paul Veverka Janet, an extensive history about Burnside Crescent, rise, fall and regeneration including unseen photos is coming already scheduled in October. Exploring the homes and some of the people.
Janet Mcmillan Oh brilliant Paul Veverka I remember the fun we had on these streets young and old these where the good old days for sure 😊

Marion Anderson I always wonderd about that.
Colin Warwickshire once again thank you for the history lesson.
Hayley Wood Me and my sister and mum lived springwell parkvill drive loved it best childhood memories
Colin Nicol Lived in springwell crescent number 52 with my gran
Jane Devine I stayed up the stair and threw the wall from you, your sister and your gran. No 48.
Thea Borland Mcnamee Lived in auchinraith terr then springwell cres then after i married moved to parkville drive where i lived from 1976 to 2002 then moved to thornhill where i still am
Mariè Rodwell My grandpa lived rite at the front looking down to the ginger works
Mariè Rodwell My dad and his brothers were brought up there
Robert Henderson I stayed in Burnside crescent yrs ago
Paul Veverka It’s about time I told the history of springwell in detail. So many nice families, great stories. Stay tuned.
Hayley Wood Fantastic looking forward to it
Michelle Doherty Live in parkville drive x
Kenny Macfarlane Springwell always got bad press because of a very small number of families
Janet Allan Been in the same house in croftpark crescent since 1976 wouldn’t move ever I love my big house and have great neighbours xxxx
Janet Saunders Both ma parents were brought up in springwell. I have great memories of family times & summer holidays staying with ma Gran & Di😆
Kevin Mclean Stayed in 24 Burnside crescent, good times
Jay Peajohn Stone Auntie Esther Whitters house was No. 1 Springwell Crescent, Auntie Jeannie Liddle at 25. Auchinraith Terrace, Grannie Dalton at 125 Auchinraith Road, where I was born…
Blantyre Project Whitters is a relatively uncommon name for Blantyre. Dates back to around 1900 when Whitters family members were living at Clark Street, Forrest Street and Stonefield Road.
Ann Hartman I Was born in 44Parkville Dr 61 Yes ago in my grand house Mary and jock Wildman great place then to grow up in had a great childhood many many happy memories thanks look forward to more details
Blantyre Project Wildman surname first encountered in early 1910s and 20s. John Wildman lived at Carfin Street in Dixon’s Raws, a miner employed by Dixon’s Colliery.
Lainey McGuckin My Step-dad Peter Cummiskey and his parents and siblings stayed on Glasgow road across from the ginger factory
Blantyre Project thats a surname i recognise from the 1890’s. Will see what i can find.
Rab Mccarrol Grew up in Springwell mum and dad still there in Auchinraith terrace
Jim McSorley Interesting old map Paul. Look forward to the photos. No development then just agricultural fields.
David Allan Stayed there for years great place
Lorna Hughes My grandfather James Leishman was born at Springfield Place in 1897-as on his birth certificate and his two sisters Agnes and Lizzie (Elizabeth) Leishman lived at 5 Springfield Crescent, but I can’t find either place on any maps?
Mary Mckean Brought up in springwell,dad still lives there 39 auchinraith terrace just at the tunnel my nana and Papa’s house,great memories x
Trishia Mckay I was born caldersack
Blantyre Project This is exactly the kind of social interaction i hope to see against all the detail posts about Glasgow Road coming from now until New year. Thank you SO much!! This is going to get people talking, remembering, connecting! With your permission, the more relevant comments will be collected and used actually in the books to add another layer of commentary against the factual history.
Anne Burns I was born in Springwell cresent. Moved away and came back to stay in the same house with family. Loved every minute.
Kenny Beecroft My dad was also brought up in Springwell with his brother and 2 sisters in the 40’s . Or as he called it ” Springwal” . He is 80 next March but can still tell me who lived where and who was above them , who they all married . … great memory ? Or just a nosey so and so ?? Hahaha . I know what I think 😂😂😂
Boab Laird Lived 3 parkville Dr bout 10yr pure madness lol
James Faulds springwell was the place to live growing up every family had theredoors wide open and the mothers looked after everyones kids not just there own lots great memories next best place was rosendale where the same thing happened.

Blantyre Project whilst writing my book on Glasgow Road in 2016 and 2017, i encountered many stories of strong community in Springwells that would support your comment James. It was one of the strongest, most bonded communities in Blantyre and the whole area got a hardSee more
Margaret Mcmillan My family were all brought up in 28 Parkville drive n my dads family came from 61 burnside cresent x
Kath Hendry We lived at 40 parkville drive in the 70 to 84s great house
Helen Mc Gowan Munday Great memories of growing up in Burnside Crescent. 🤣🤣🤣
Liz Foster I lived in Croftpark crescent next to the clellands and Mary bird my maiden name is Anderson x
Trishia Mckay My husband stayed in Burnside cresant I was born I’m 30 parkviĺe drive was call trishia aĺlan then

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  1. Great to see the name Whitters mentioned. My nana and papa, Esther and William Whitters, lived in 1 Springfields Cres. We ( William and isabella Whitters family) walked from Ellisland st in the prefabs to visit them every Sunday.We then moved to 82 Burnside Cres for about 5 years, before moving to East Kilbride. Have many happy memories of playing in the front garden at springwells Cres, hiding in the big rhodedendron bush. Happy days.

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