Archie Simm – thank you

Just catching up on todays emails. A massive thank you to Mr Archie Simm who today placed an order for 27 Blantyre Project Books online at Amazon, getting this months books sales off to a tremendous start. Archie wanted to ensure all his family members had some quality Blantyre reading.

Archie is a remarkable man, a kinder gentleman you will never meet. I’ve got to know him better this last week or so as we emailed back and forth. He even took time out his holiday to email and I’ve enjoyed learning a few interesting things from him from the early 70’s right up until the current day. I also recently found an unknown act of kindness that certainly needs shared about Archie, a true silent hero. I hope to write this up in due course. He’s a man who thinks about others, with morals, manners and somebody his family should be very proud of. 

Have a good weekend folks. (especially you Archie!)

Thank you card

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