1997 Station Road – Park blue gates

1997 Blue Gates wmWas thinking of today’s article about the little pool at Stonefield Public Park and was looking through some photos and found this one from 1997.

Remember the blue fences and gates leading off Station Road to the little playpark?! For me in the 1970’s the blue gates was the entrance to “fun times” , the white gates at Hunthill Road, the entrance to playing in the Calder. No gates or fences today.

I have SO many photos of Blantyre in the 1990’s and looking through them its incredible to see how things have changed even in 20 years. Although it was a time before digital photography and some of them are faded, I plan to share these every day throughout 2018.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Andrew Anderson Nicola Anderson show aaron this I was just telling him about this on Friday xc
Kevin Creechan I know what you mean about the fences. I’m partial to the ones that used to separate Park Lane from St Joseph’s entrance as I lived right there. From swinging on the gates to climbing the pillars, it was a central spot to count to 20, kick the can, or even send Rover over.Great memories, but not even a single photo 🙁
Melanie Creechan Braniff I’m still traumatized from those gates…. I’ll never forget seeing Gary Robertson lose the tip of his finger swinging on those gates! Great fun though!
Tom Loggie There was a brick air raid shelter in the middle of the road during the 1940’s
Blantyre Project at this entrance to the park or on Station Road?
Tom Loggie On the entrance to the park and another one on the left when you entered the parkThis one was used for changing area for the football teams using the football pitches after the war.
Gemma Watson Margaret Watson remember the blue fence? I used to play kerby there Thomas Barrett The gates were locked at certain times in the summer,winter no dogs or cyclists allowed at anytime always had a parky.
Jay Peajohn Stone Always a parky…would be a good idea the day for weans…
Lorraine A Ross Loved this park entertained aww day in it the good auld days wee will never get them back
Tom Law I remember those gates and that park. Had my first kiss near the swings!!
Unkle Cyril They used to chain up the swings then lock the park at night. One summer Sunday in 1958 my fifteen-year-old friends were playing down ‘the Lily’, a bushy are near the bottom end of the park, and didn’t realise the park had been closed. The park attendaSee more
William Mullen £5……not 5 shilling….1958 ??….im ex villager
Unkle Cyril Yep, it was five pounds. The dads who were there were angry. They had lost a shift down the pit as well.
Another time Jimmy and I were fined five pounds because I gave him a ‘backie’ on my bike down Victoria Street. “We want to keep you off the street, not scrape you off the street,” the magistrate said. The polis had a great time catching criminals in those days.
Gord Fotheringham put the gates back up and then listen to the rubbish…..
Jim McAllister The parkie was Mr McDonough. We sang a song about him.. Old McDonough public park Get aff that grass or I’ll kick yer ass. Lol

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