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1977-coal-monument-opening wmMost of us know of the High Blantyre Disaster monument erected in 1977, on the centenary of the Pit Disaster of 1877. This picture shows that very day in October 1977. However, did you know, that actually the fundraising did so well in 1977 that there was money leftover even after the beautiful monument was built!

The monument stands at High Blantyre cross as a memorial to the victims of the Blantyre disaster.

The fund has been started in 1977 and by July 1978, it was proposed that a Trust was set up to manage the excess money. Around £3,362 had been raised in 1977 (the equivalent of £23,000 in today’s money).  Donations were £2,597 and a further £431 came from Blantyre Miner’s Welfare and the remainder from the public.

After the monument was built, there was still £344 left. A transparent record of the accounts was erected in the Clydesdale Bank on Glasgow Road for all to see.

Rev John Silcox, of Blantyre Old Parish Church told his congregation, “The remaining monies will be held in trust and used to look after the Memorial.” He also added that some of the money would be used to progress the educational needs of youngsters in Blantyre, by reminding them of their mining heritage.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Elizabeth Grieve It’s in need of a right good clean to get the moss off it.
Nina Muir You should definitely clean it then. 😉
Get a wee working group together. Spruce up the sight. 😊
Blantyre Project anybody remember the wee garage across the road in the picture?
Gordon Mather Think it was The Blue Star

Jim McAllister Yip your right Gordon
Jay Peajohn Stone Yes, it belonged to …think it was Bill Green, married to my uncle’s sister.
Karen Mckinlay Mcfarlane Yes across Road from the police houses
James Smith Sure can I remember the tenements and cub hall aswell before they were torn down ,now where the old folks home stands
Peter Kelly I went to the Cubs in that hall. There were two Cub packs, a Wednesday night and a Friday night. I was at the Wednesday night pack. Was there from about 76 until 78.
Jim McAllister It was the parish Church hall. Friday night disco night brill approx 1974-75
Lorna Hughes Valentine Yip brownies and guides too in the church hall!
Marianne Stark Aitken My mum, myself, my brother and my uncle in this photo I remember this day very well x
Helen Henderson Mclaughlin My friends dad designed it and he put a time capsule of his 3 children inside
Blantyre Project I have something inside this monument too. 😉
Neil Mc Laughlin I’m sure that’s my dad standing beside the guy speaking, he was president of the Miners Welfare about that time
Marie Rooney I was there with the Guides
Rita Calder I worked In the BP garage when I was 17, Frank ? Was there Manager, my parents lived in the building where the Church Hall was, we were burnt out when I was 4, that would be 1951 we then moved to 9 Muir St High Blantyre. My own name is Hamill.
Terry Mc Crory Remember the garage well. Wee George Mc Donald fae Carrigans bar moved into the garage premises after it closed and bought and sold scrap metal from it.
Anne Gemmell Goldie Sally Jamieson thought you would like this x
Anna Clark My uncle Donald McAllister gbnf was very much a part of it along with Nicky SIM
Ashleigh Callison My gramps did the steps 😂
Christopher Mackle Michael Quinn, I remember we attended this ceremony. Monument unveiling by Mick McGahey
Billy Steven It’s on the cover of my CD ” Blantyre Explosion”
Hugh Innes The monument was made by local man Robert Sim
Margaret Cunningham I remember that day I with some others watched from the church hall

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  1. The monument was built by Robert “Eekie” Sim RoBert was a first rate Bricklayer, he then started a company making Glass Fibre Grave Monuments

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