1978 Mr Botteril’s concerns


2009 Clydeview Shopping CentreIn March 1978, there was one man in Blantyre who predicted and gave a dire warning for what was about to happen with the Glasgow Road Redevelopment.

Mr Jim Botterill (senior), a leading trader asked for further time to be consider the development saying there was still time, before it started to “stop the inevitable commercial overkill” that one massive superstore would bring to Blantyre and the surrounding area.

Jim claimed that the arrival of such a store would kill off many businesses nearby even as far as Burnbank and into Hamilton. He voiced concerns that such a large store would have a detrimental effect on Blantyre and when it closed each evening after 6pm, would end up with large swathes of the area being deserted like a ghost town, perhaps inviting crime.

Jim proposed that instead of a 60,000 square foot store, it should only be a third of the size at 20,000 square feet, with a dozen or so smaller shops. Other small blocks of shops could then be built at High Blantyre, Springwells or Priory Bridge.

Jim, being vocal on this important subject had his objection recorded but had added he did not want to step in the way of progress and would rather Asda arrived in Blantyre than not. Traders knew however, by that late stage they were unlikely in getting plans changed.

The traders also wanted to protect against vandalism by seeing houses built on the upper storey of Clydeview Shopping Centre, rather than offices or stores. It meant the area would be lived in, a nod to the same configuration that the old tenements had, shops downstairs, living space upstairs. They argued that the homes could be sold privately to assist funding the construction overall and that each would have a nice view of the newly landscaped park, perhaps being very desirable across from a proposed leisure centre.

Of course all this WAS too late to change in any plans, but it forms an interesting idea of what “could have been.”

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Marian Maguire Yes and we can see what it looks like, no parking for shops at front meaning everyone has to pass Asda, so it’s easier to go in there. Duh. Not a thriving town anymore with a nice shopping street.
William Mullen stonehenge was built lol
Drew Semple for those who may recall the great wee Blantyre market,we also approached the local labour councilor at the time due to the mention of the market being closed,his exact words were ‘what can i do Asda are the biggest rate payer in Blantyre’ and guess what?……it was closed down……😡😡
ohn Crothers It was the worst thing that happened to Blantyre local shops many of them closed
Hazel Krawczyk He wasn’t the only local trader to oppose the build my papa and dad did and got abuse for doing so !
Janey Murray Most of the wee units lying empty now.
Liz Anderson Our home town has lost its identity 😢 ASDA has a lot to answer for, our parks are not as glorious as they once were, no park benches for older folks to sit on, no flowering baskets, I love the cherry blossom trees across from the parkville, a few wee benches there would be nice. I lost a brother in a road accident there, I have often thought of a bench with a plaque of remembrance being put there, remember the garden they had on the same side as the Parkville, it was full of roses and had several park benches there. Bring back the glory of our wee home town!!!! #proudtobefromblantyre!
Fairlie Gordon well said Liz,
John Breen I remember Jim botteril had a shop in farm rd in fact he must or could have been the last non Asian trader of conveniences stores in the area
James Faulds annie botterrill had the best fish chips in blantyre
The Blantyre Project Full untold history of this family and their buildings coming in December to this page.
Lizette Craig The Blantyre Project look forward to this. If I can assist in an way let me know?
James Faulds did botterills not go into selling booze in there grocery store
The Blantyre Project yes, i think a license was permitted for offsales.
Maggie Anderson Did Botterills not have a shop further east on Glasgow road just about opposite the lane leading to bairds rows ?
Elsie Chalmers He was bang on that not only Blantyre would suffer loss of independent businesses. Town planners have decimated our local town centres.
Valerie Krawczyk How I remember being told from a town planner that the small shops would thrive from the ‘ spin off ‘ from ASDA, looking at the empty shops, well it says it all.
Johnstone Purdie Jane My Grannie cleaned and baby sat for all the Botterill kids. I went to school with the boys later…used to get all their old Hotspurs to read…lol! Grannie also looked after old Mrs Botterill’s Siamese dog, ‘ Chan’ from time to time…he was snappy…lol! They had the monopoly in Blantyre…
Lizette Craig Thanks Graham Divers yes Jim Botterill senior was my gramdpa!
We (Botterill’s ended up with 5 stores in Blantyre) the area and people were great to our family x
Mia Thomson Lizette Craig was just about to tag you in this also x
Paul Veverka Lizette Craig from what I read Jim was certainly in the 1970s a man of vision and well respected. It doesn’t surprise me how successful he was.
Lizette Craig Paul Veverka thank you, yes he was and passed on his drive and vision to my dad who was very well respected in the trade until he retired in 2010.

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