1978 Blantyre Weddings

Some more Blantyre Weddings from 1978 for you! Do you recognise anybody?

1978 Gail Morton & Clive Purvis wmMiss Gail MORTON of Hillhouse married Mr Clive PURVIS of 14 Greenhall Place, High Blantyre in late Spring 1978. They were married in Burnbank Parish Church.

1978 Jan Mauchline & Anthony Vettraino wm

Miss Jan Mauchline, of the Falls, Victoria Street married Mr Anthony Vettraino in 1978. Anthony was from South Park Road in Hamilton.

1978 Patricia Devine & Goerge Crookston wm

Finally, but by no means least, Blantyre couple Miss Patricia Devine of Calderwood Drive and Mr George Crookston of 45 Auchinraith Terrace were married in 1978 in Hamilton Registry Office.

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Elizabeth Lovatt I used to have Clive in my cub troup when I was Akela that;s when I was Elizabeth Bennoch
Stephen Crookston Last one is my parents
Donna Menzies They haven’t changed x
Thea Borland Mcnamee Wee Geordie hasnt changed a bit over the yrs..seen him at my neices wedding cple yrs ago an still looks the same

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