1978 Blantyre Bowling Club


1978 Blantyre Bowling Club wmPictured here at the opening of the 1978 / 1979 Blantyre Bowling Club, President John McGeehan receives the new President’s Badge from immediate past President, George Moultire. Also pictured is Mrs Margaret McGeehan next to her husband.

Do you know anybody else in the photo?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Moyra Lindsay The Abbotts on the left. Just about everybody really. This makes me feel very old!
Moyra Lindsay The piper Bill Irvine.
Alison Paterson Mr & Mrs Abbott, Mr Taylor, Mr Paterson, Mrs Betty Smith and the photo is a wee bit fuzzy but I think my Papa, Mr Tam Brown is in the background plus I have just noticed Tom Wallace
Anne Wilson Gosh that brings back lots of lovely memories George Moultrie my wonderful dad 💙
William McLaughlin Bobby Newall, George Moultrie and David Marshall all well known names within Lanarkshire/Scottish bowls at that time.
Hazel Anderson Jill Wallace is that your dad in the background? X
Jill Wallace Lol yes it is. Me and mum trying to remember names of others. Lesley Barrie is your mum in the background in the right hand side? X
Anne Mosley Was just thinking you’d know a lot of these faces William . X
Dawn Stokes Bet Abbott definitely
Janis Orr Mr McPhail at the far right of the photo
Lee Alex Caskey Was a member once great club….

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