1978 Armed Police at Shott

sheepArmed Police camped out and kept a vigil at Shott Farm, High Blantyre during February 1978.

Since that New Year, nearly 20 sheep had been savaged by dogs and enough was enough. Police set out to capture and if necessary to destroy the animal doing this.

They set up in the fields at Shott under cover, hidden from sight. However, it didn’t get off to a good start. When they called off the vigil one evening at 3am, they left only to be told that another 12 sheep had been killed between the hours of 3am and 6am!

An operation then commenced to see if detectives could track down the vicious , dangerous animal(s). As farmers and armed police continued their stake out, detectives chapped on doors. The damaged livestock amounted to £500.

Ironically the sheep killed had been moved to Blantyre for their safety. They usually graze in the Highlands but had been moved south due to the blizzards in January 1978.

It was the plain clothes detectives whose efforts eventually paid off. They discovered the home of a man harbouring two suspected dogs and took them into “custody”. Inspector William Fordyce in charge of Blantyre Police told reporters, We are awaiting lab reports before taking further action. Since the dogs were taken in, no further reports of livestock being killed have come in. I had to ensure officers were suitably equipped if confronted with these dogs or if they were attacking further animals.”

An appeal was issued to all dog owners to ensure they have a license and to keep their dogs indoors during nights. Police warned that if attack dogs got a taste for blood it was entirely conceivable that they may one day turn on humans.

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From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Bill Hunter I remember this one I was one of the officers involved. It was a terrible mess and we managed to find out who owned the dogs.
The Blantyre Project did they get prosecuted? Well done Bill.
Bill Hunter My colleague and I spent a few days on it and questioned all the farmers, cottages and smallholdings in the area and we eventually found someone who had seen two dogs crossing the road at Shot Farm into Greenhall Park. WE now had a description of the dSee more
Marian Maguire I hope the dog owner was prosecuted.

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