Two wonderful books!

IMG_3012How lucky I’ve been this last month to have people give me so many interesting objects, books and stories! Following a whole batch of postcards arriving by mail last week, and a Blantyre film of 1948 delivered right to my door (which I hope share soon), I arrived home this evening to find a package from Canada.

With thanks to Norma Marr for sending me TWO wonderful old books. The first telling the history of the David Livingstone Centre, complete with signature and letter from Bill Cunningham, the former warden. The other wonderful old book titled , the “Life and Labors of David Livingstone.” Both books were shared to me as Norma wished them to be returned to Blantyre where relatives came from originally.

I intend to return this kindness by forwarding copies of my latest books, due out in coming weeks, one of which is the largest, most detailed book ever to appear about Blantyre! (Norma…….you’ll have a FREE copy of this the week its launched.)

Meantime, I’ve been trusted as keeper of these two beautiful books and once read, will hold on to them, keeping them safe as part of my ever growing collection of Blantyre memorabilia.

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