Stonefield Parish Church Manse

1945 Stonefield Parish Church Manse Rev Finlayson & wife jean wmStonefield Parish Church Manse – was built between 1898 and 1905. It was located on Herbertson Street near the corner of Auchinraith Road and first occupied by Rev Thomas Pryde.

In 1905, the manse had a rateable value of £30.

The former stone built manse looked like a moderate detached sized home, a storey and a half. The door was accessed up a couple of steps and was positioned centrally below a small decorative arch window. Either side on the ground floor were large windows, above them exposed timber rafters along the soffit line.

On the upper floor, to the left was a large dormer window and to the right another window, set into a pitched upturned V shape, finished with decorative trefoil timber design.

Its position across Herbertson Street from the UFC Burleigh Church may have confused some people, but the Burleigh Church Manse was further along at Church Street. The manse looked out at the back into a field, then beyond to Merry’s Rows. Around the manse was a sizeable garden.

In 1944, Rev Duncan Finlayson came to Blantyre and occupied the manse. It is no longer there today, demolished in the mid to late 1970’s.

Pictured is Stonefield Parish Church Manse in 1948 with Rev Finlayson and his wife Jean outside.

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Moyra Lindsay In the 50s Burleigh manse was on Glasgow Road. I remember going to play with the ministers daughter in the Parish manse. Her name was Madeleine, I thought it was a huge mansion!
The Blantyre Project It certainly was huge. Burleigh Manse had official name, “Abbeygreen” and was at the end of Church Street near the junction with Glasgow Road. It was the home or the Rev John Burleigh but in later years passed to the Braidwood family of builders.

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