1978 Mrs Callaghan Retires

1957 St Blanes Blantyre Project

1957 St Blanes

In January 1978, Mrs Catherine Callaghan , a teacher at St Blanes was due to retire. She had been in teaching for 45 years. She qualified in 1933 and spent the bulk of her working life as a teacher at St Joseph’s on Glasgow Road. At the time of her retirement Mrs Callaghan had been teaching at St Blanes.

A presentation dinner was arranged by a former headmaster Mr Thomas O Neil, and was held in High Blantyre Parochial Hall on 10th February 1978. Pupils and teachers past and present were invited to attend the reunion and give Mrs Callaghan a formidable send of.

Can you remember Mrs Callaghan or have a picture of her? Pictured meantime is St Blanes in 1957.

From “Blantyre Explained”, by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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William Mullen my 1st teacher the joes 61 ?
Esther Lamberton And mine and James McDowell . I can remember that day so well. Where have the years gone 😢x
Moyra Lindsay My husband lived next door to the callaghans. There is so much more to Mrs Callaghan, lovely lady.
Marie Rooney Sure that’s my mum, Maureen Cunningham as she would have been in this picture. Second row second from right. Not sure what the mark is over her face
Clarabelle Cal It is Marie. My dad third from front.
Christine Crawford Magic. Still think you’re my mums doppelganger sis! Cxxx
Marie Rooney I’m sure I’ve got a copy of that photo somewhere x
The Blantyre Project that would be great Marie. The copy we have has a mark over some of the girls, (just a bad copy of the photo). Some people here are related to those girls whose mothers cant be seen. If you ever find it in future, please feel free to share. Thanks.
Lindsay Marie Stark She was my dads aunt. Mary Kelly
Ann Marie Connelly Callaghan Wynd in Blantyre is named after this wonderful woman who was my Primary One teacher at St Blanes in 1975
The Blantyre Project Ann Marie – Thanks. I should have referred to my own reference book, “Blantyre Explained” for this. There it was! Your comment confirms my previous entry. Think I’ll need to write more about this woman with a street named after her.

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Anne Brennan Wow, I never knew that! I was in her class at St Blane’s and loved her! She was a great teacher.
Joe Jones She was my first teacher her son Andrew was also in the class
Lindsay Marie Stark Fagan court also named after her dad.
The Blantyre Project was it Lindsay? I thought Fagan Court was named after Andy Fagan BEM. How did Mrs Callaghans dad make his mark on Blantyre? Would love to know more.
Andy Callaghan That’s my Mum. I have pictures of her but don’t have the IT knowledge or equipment to share ’em on line
She was also my primary school teacher one year. She was a great Mum but I didn’t like having her for a teacher. Cramped my style a bit, my style being “lazy bugger”.
The Blantyre Project Thanks Andy. Fantastic! She clearly was well respected, a clever and well known lady.
Anne Brennan Andy…you should be very proud!
Andy Callaghan I’ll see if I can arrange to get a photograph to you Paul. She was the daughter of Andy Fagan BEM about whom l wrote to you before. Fagan Court is named for my grandfather and Callaghan Wynd for my Dad’s family.
Mary Crowe She was my teacher also, I was in the same class as Andy Callaghan and Joe Jones
Catherine McCormack She was my first teacher too in 1969.
Martin Smith She was my 1st teacher at St Josephs an a very good friend of my mother and father. If i remember correctly her father was the oldest working man in Scotland at one. And the only person to be decorated by the IRA and the government. But that meeds looking into!!!
Andy Callaghan Thanks Moyra. She’d be so chuffed to appear in The Blantyre Project, God rest her. She was never one to hide her light under a bushel. LOL.
Angela Smith Thomas Mcinally you would have been at St Blanes the time of this picture? x
Moira Mulvaney Pacheco I have the photo as I am in it. We all were the first to go to St Blanes when it opened. We all were at St Josephs first .
Moira Mulvaney Pacheco This photo is all my school friends . I wish I could remember all their names but it was taken 60 years ago 😜
Michelle Milligan Sasso My first teacher….absolutely loved her. Fantastic woman. Thanks for the tag Tricia Lappin
Catherine McGlynn We lived three houses from Mrs Callaghan. She was a great teacher and a very special lady.
James Connolly I can’t remember a Mrs Callaghan and I was at st. Blane’s 1962-1969. She wasn’t Mrs McConnell by another name was she?

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  1. She was my teacher in mid 50s at St Joseph. Great lady. In later years I used to stop in to see her if we got out early from Convent School and walked over the bridge

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