1978 Doon Inn Sunday opening


1970s doon innSomething unusual was happening in 1977 and 1978. Blantyre Pubs were starting to open on a Sunday! It was something the punters loved, but divided opinion throughout the town, with not everybody so happy.

In January 1978 for example, the Doon Inn at Broompark Road (pictured) obtained a license to stay open on a Sunday, despite protests from local neighbours.

One resident said, “I think we should have one day of rest and peace per week.  Every other day we have disturbances with drunks including singing and foul language. People also treat outside as urinals rather than using the pub toilets.”

An agent for Francis Doonin, the owner of the pub hit back stating that at no time had any resident ever come to the pub to complain.

Councillor James Swinburne on the license committee had approved the license and added that the owners were perfectly capable of monitoring the behaviour of the clientele and that the complaint seemed mostly to revolve around one families concerns only.

Can you remember the start of Sunday openings?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Alan Baird the amount of times i stood at that bar , i can even remember the formica on the bar top , i used to go bown and change the barrels for greta , she would give me the odd free pint lol
Jim Cochrane That’s how you got that beer belly Alan
Alan Baird Jim Cochrane thats pure cheek
Alan Baird there was 2 cigarette machines on the back wall by the time i started going there , it was 30p for 20 at that time
Thomas Barrett Bobby Forrest way his hand in his pockets. Is that Alec Fairlie serving behind the bar?
Elizabeth Ann Ward Yes and Mrs Fairlie sitting at the bar x
Elizabeth Ann Ward Is it not? It looks very like her.
Anne Cochrane Jim Cochrane sitting at bar
Janet Cochrane Stewart mckenzie serving at bar Isabelle Chalmers sitting at bar
Liz Boxall Liz !!! Think you might like a wee trip down memory lane 💙
Wilma Hayburn McNulty Stewart mckenzie is serving xx
Gord Fotheringham Ah wizznah there
Catherine Murphy My mum worked in the Doon Inn for a while in the lounge her name was Nettie Mc Laughlin
The Blantyre Project still looking for an elusive picture of Papa Franks Dance floor. I have one of Papa Franks interior but when i took it in 1990 or so, i was focusing on a particular girl, whom would immediately be recognised if i ever posted it. So, it remains unseen. lol.
Fran Mcdermott Walters I danced I’m a comp on that floor and turned round and a girl had same dress on lol..carried on like a trooper lol
Helen Blair My wee dad Jimmy Ferguson use to drink on Pappa Frank’s in the 90s I use to call it papa jimmys because that’s were he always was and still refer it to papa jimmys to this day lol
Kylie Forrest That’s when Dad held the license & his name was above the door.
I’ve so many photos from there! My favourite is the one you have of me & my cousins
Lorraine Arrol Looks like the queen sitting at bar

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