1978 Blantyre High School


1978 Blantyre High wm

In March 1978, it was announced that £350,000 would be set aside to expand Blantyre High School by building a physical education block and extension of dining facilities.

This was part of a 5 year, £60m schools expansion programme rolled out for all Lanarkshire Schools.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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The Blantyre Project every time i see BHS Car park i think of Mrs Reid’s TVR in the early 80s.
The Blantyre Project ….the amount of times i walked around that brown brick corner….late!
James Nicholl Dont think they got round to doing those. New PE wasnt built till 1996/7 when I was in 5th year. As far as I know the dining rooms were always the same ones on the ground floor. The new wing was built right enough, not too long after the school was built.
The Blantyre Project The PE block was combined with music and was built prior to me starting High School in 1982. The one in 1996 must have updated that.

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