1961 McGill – McLean Wedding

1961 Betty and Alex McLeanBack in May 2017, I had the pleasure of meeting Betty and Alex Mclean who dropped in at my Blantyre home whilst on holiday from Canada, whilst visiting family nearby. We spent an hour in the garden talking about Blantyre and Canada and it was wonderful to put faces to names, after emailing back and forth for some time.

A few days later, Betty messaged me, “Hi Paul, here is my wedding photo.  My sister Helen, and Alex’s sister Agnes with our best man Archie Vetters.  We were married June 17th, 1961. The start of a wonderful life. We were married in the Church of the Nazarene in Elm St. We had two ministers officiate one a family friend of the McLeans and former minister of the Blantyre church. Rev. William Claydon who performed the marriage ceremony. At one time the church door was in I think Jackson St and he “turned” the church around and made the opening on Elm St. He left Blantyre to minister in Partick but continued to visit Blantyre, he was very kind to Alex and I when we were courting, taking us in his car for days out to the seaside. After leaving Partick he went to Tiree to minister there, a lovely Island that I know you like to visit.

The other minister was a young Irish man, Frank Howie, he sang a lovely song for us that has been a help as we remember the words down through the years. It was a Salvation Army song called, “I’m in God’s Hands, whatever the future holds I’m in His Hands”. Frank married one month after us and he and his wife left to be missionaries in Africa. Frank died of a heart attack at age 56.”

I’m sure you’ll agree Betty looked stunning that day, Alex tall and handsome.  A nicer couple you will never meet.

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Tracie Mcghie Greene Helen Lawson Taylor is that u on the left xx
Vanessa Taylor I hadn’t seen it Janice McGhie. Thanks for tagging me! Such a great photo
Helen Lawson Taylor Yes look how thin I was at age 15, xx
Etta Morrison Betty what a lovely photo.. takes me back I remember when you and Alex were going together.. hope you have many more happy yrs together xx
Etta Morrison Helen you’ve not changed..lovely group xx
Margaret McCluskey Geeze weren’t the wedding and bridesmaid dresses stunning back in the day 🙂
Vanessa Taylor That’s my mum, my Auntie Betty and my Uncle Alex – the loveliest couple you could ever meet!
Jessie Caldow Betty, I wonder if we are related as cousins. My Mother’s maiden name is McGill and had a brother John McGill. Her first name was Marrgaret (Maggie). My maiden name is King, and we lost touch over the years. The King family lived in Burnbank, and my father’s name was Robert(Rab)…I was married in 1960, so we are about the same age perhaps. I have lived in the USA for forty two years now and visit my remaining relatives.in the Edinburgh area every few years.
Marie Reilly Am hoping someone in blantyre can help me plz . Am going back over forty yrs I went Dalton special school 60s 79s us real close friend una fletcher at school who so sad died my name then mhairi black wonder if she has any family would live to get in touch many thanx live
Helen Lawson Taylor Yes Jessie I am Betty’s sister and your mother is my dad’s sister and Betty will probably contact you too. I remember your mother and dad but Betty will know more than me xx.
Cindy Cottrell Awh that’s lovely Helen Lawson Taylor xx
Fiona Anderson Aw aunt Helen Lawson Taylor look at you! Lovely picture xx
Helen Lawson Taylor Was a skinny 15 year old lol xFiona x
Jessie Caldow That’s such great news! I remember your family well and wondered from time to time how you are all doing and if you were still in Blantyre. You all look so lovely in the wedding picture. I guess I should say handsome for the guys! Hope to learn more about all or you.

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