River Calder at Caldervale


Pictured a few years ago is the River Calder. The location at this point is little known, as it’s a slightly remote just beyond where ‘Fin Me Oot’ was (Caldervale).

On the boundary of Blantyre and Newton, the photos are just beyond the small footbridge not far north of the railway. I have to admit, I’ve never been there before, but its certainly on my “to do” list.

With thanks to Alex Rochead for these pictures. More photos of this area tomorrow.

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David Murdoch Just at the point the calder meets the clyde.
Gord Fotheringham Been over 60 years and I remember this area……we were tattie howkin
Alan Baird yes iv been down there a couple of times , i was always wanting to know where the calder ended
Alex Rochead Yes David, it also shows the last of many falls on the Calder.
Colin Wotherspoon On the other side of the waterfall was the swimming pool of the people from Newton

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