Jardine’s Vics Medal


Alan Reardon of High Blantyre recently shared these 2 photos.

Pictured is the back and front of a medal given to T Jardine celebrating his time at the Blantyre Vics from 1905 until 1921.

Those little medals were designed to hang from chains on pocket watches. I’m sure men would have been very proud to get these from various clubs. They remind me of the Quoiting medals too which were of similar design, perhaps procured in the same place?
During a period of ill health in 1921/1922, Thomas Jardine (b1871) was forced to leave work at Blantyre Vics, where he worked as a trainer. Later that year, Thomas sought letters of recommendation from his various previous employments and trusted references to get him working again. Despite no shortage of people willing to recommend him, it is clear he found difficulty in becoming employed again, with recommendations lasting not just in 1922, but in 1923, 1924 and 1925.
You can read more about Thomas Jardine on Blantyre Project’s main website here https://blantyreproject.com/2015/09/22/thomas-jardine-and-family/
Thanks to Alan for sharing a little piece of Blantyre history.

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