Bridges, Tunnels & Culverts Uploaded

A brand new completed module exploring Bridges, Tunnels & Culverts has now been added to Blantyre’s History Archives website at

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 13.33.06

The section explores all of Blantyre’s Bridges, Tunnels & Culverts in detail, with unique researched narrative, fact and photos. It also touches upon Boat Crossings, Railway Crossings, River Ford Crossings and Weirs. In 172 exclusive and unique articles, compilation of these all in one place, is another first.

This sees the first of many new modules set to expand Blantyre Project’s online archive massively throughout July and August 2017 ahead of a massive announcement about the long term future of the website. Please note, website expansion is secondary, behind a primary focus on new planned books with current open drafts and a continued drive to create fresh, interesting & informative new content here every day.

The module can be freely accessed here at the top left of the website. Enjoy.



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