Books – Available at Miners Welfare


I have decided to hold all 7 of Blantyre Project books at the discounted June 2017 Gala Prices. (thats a couple of pounds off each!) To save people turning up at my door and to assist enquiries from people who are NOT online, they’re once again all in stock and back for sale at the Blantyre Miner’s Welfare Community Resource Centre in Calder Street.

That means if you live in Blantyre you can pop in there anytime and buy any of the books ever so slightly cheaper than available on Amazon bookstore. Thank you to the centre and their staff for all their support.


From a small statistical account book at only £5 to Blantyre Project 3, (the largest book ever published about Blantyre with 100,000 words), available for just £11, there’s something for everybody. One of our large banners complete with discount prices is on permanent display in the reception. All 100% sales proceeds to Blantyre Telegraph for onwards distribution to Blantyre good causes.

Two more significant books are currently in draft format, although I have the arduous task of months of editing and permissions. Ensuring quality and accuracy is incredibly important, just as much as providing new information unread before. Meantime, if you can’t wait for that, you can look forward to several more inexpensive small book publications coming at various points throughout the year, as time permits, all with exclusive new and interesting research including something I’ve never tried before! Thanks for reading this and stay tuned.


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