Blantyre Project Donation

watchesIt’s ‘publisher royalty day’ again and it’s been a fantastic month! Royalties on Blantyre Project books this month amounted to a fantastic £219.22 which was confirmed to me today. The entire sum has now been allocated towards Blantyre good causes, by going towards the 5 amazing Smartwatch prizes in this months’ Blantyre Telegraph Competition!

5 Lucky people in Blantyre taking part in the brilliant competition will each win a beautiful smartwatch in 11 days time! (Adult sizes only)

You can enter here. competition doesn’t close until 31st July.

Thank you to everybody over the last 4 weeks who has bought Blantyre Project books, for your interest and for supporting the community. I had people coming to my door for the new book, (resulting in them being put back into the Miner’s Welfare), email requests for them to be delivered to people without computers, people in Australia and Canada confirming purchases…..and I even ended up selling a couple out the boot of my car after a community meeting a few weeks ago! (You know who you are!) June and July always by far seem to be the busiest months for sales. Strange, I can only assume its for reading in the holidays! I’ll never be rich writing about Blantyre, so as always, all profits of those sales go to Blantyre good causes. I’m just happy for accurate history getting out there on such a scale.

I’ve a very worthwhile cause for local elderly people already set up for next month, and all being well with sales, will reveal more in a few weeks. Thanks.

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