A Lassie Fae Blantir

“A Lassie fae Blantir”, by Paul Veverka (2017)

Blantir lassies, wha ken their ‘ain minds,
staun’ heidstrong ‘an sure, ‘ur awfy kind,
some blessed wi’ fortune, others in the mire,
But ye’ll never tak a lassie awa’ fae Blantyre.

Fair heided maidens, wi’ love ther herts’ fill,
Fae Springwells tae Kirkton, Barnhill ‘an Coatshill,
their lucks lookin’ upwards, others lookin’ dire,
ye’ll still ne’er see them head oot o’ Blantyre.

Dark heided beauties, butter widnae’ melt,
Fae Blantyrefereme, the sha ‘an Priory ah’m telt,
Modest ‘an truthful, no wan o’ them a liar,
reluctant tae leave, they’re part o’ Blantyre.

Thers ‘mair lassies tae mention, sae don’t ye fret,
Fae Auchinraith an’ the Village, ye canny forget,
Yon flame heided lovelies, ther hair o’ rid fire,
they….especially want tae stay in the tyre!

Those Blantir lassies, bith auld an’ the young,
they mak oor place proud, cheery an’ fun,
Goes without sayin, thers naebody sae higher,
Ye jist canny take a lassie oot o’ Blantyre.


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Marion Anderson Your best yet Paul , ❤️ it..
The Blantyre Project previous historians all have attempted poetry and poems tend to get remembered, so thought i’d have a go a few years ago, my first in 2011. It is improving a little i suppose. Glad you like this. 😉
Elizabeth Clelland Love this and so true x
Jean Orr Brilliant! X
Mary Sitters Best Blantyre lassie Alice Lyden.x
Carole Mackie Rickard What about Larkfield lol . Just kidding, great poem Paul
Gail Gillon You’ve a great talent Paul.
Thomas Barrett Talented man..
Liz Smith Brilliant my old dad used to say the blantyre lassies were the best looking x
Margaret Mary Kerr Brilliant 😂😂
Lee Alex Caskey I must have got a bad one then 😂😂😂😂👍
Jean Smith And they have the Schemey too! Lol
Tom Loggie And you can never take Blantir oot the lassie
Janet Saunders Fab, so true😆💖
Jane Paterson Brilliant well done x
Paula Mccrory Brilliant.. Love it xxx
Alisa Tonner Amazing xxx
Gwen Millar Mackie Love it 💖💖💖
Catherine Docherty Brilliant x
Denis McHugh That’s you Fiona Mchugh xx
Mary Gemmell Sutherland Am the Blantir boys ur no bad tae! Lol love it
Linda Rae Brilliant love it Paul
Ryan McNulty Shady Harlets, the lot e’ them 👀
Chris Ladds Your poems are excellent and evocative of the days gone by o0mindsets Paul , rare gift. 😊
Chris Ladds You should publish a blantyre poem book Paul – Perhaps call it Sentimental Rhymes of Auld Blantyre? Do it! 😃
The Blantyre Project there is already an excellent poetry book about Blantyre out there called “Changing Places” (published by the group of the same name). Its such a brilliant collection of poems from many, many people. I won’t tread on those toes, for any poems i write could never be as good as those in that very worthwhile book.
Liz McGuire Brilliant paul love it x
Liz Boxall Liz Doonin …ye can take the lassie Oot o Blantyre !!! But ye canny take Blantyre oot the lassie ❤️
Catherine Davner yes so true, and you don’t mess with them either
Jean McSorley This is fab Paul luv readin auld poems wi the slang writing 👍🏼😘 xxx
William Mullen lol tyre girls
Mary Cambridge Brilliant
Roselyn Drummond Very true indeed brill
Karen Nicoll Brilliant Paul .
Myra Dolan Well done 😊 xx
Kerrie Anne Small Brilliant 👏👏 x
Sandra Garry Well dun x
The Blantyre Project thank you everybody. Must be getting better after all. One of the most popular posts for a long time and on the FB wall of over 13,700 people! Cheers. Paul.

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