1940s Milheugh Bridge


1940s Milheugh Bridge 3 wmTaking you to the 1940s’ Calder next. This lovely, clear photo dates from the 1940’s and shows Milheugh Bridge, near the Pech Brae, at the bottom of Lindsay Hill. In particular the former bridge is featured, one which was demolished in the 1950’s.

Men stand by the river fishing with rods, onlookers stand on the bridge. The large stones in the foreground are most likely the demolished stone mill which was previously nearby. Today there is little sign of any worked stone in the river bed, some of these large boulders likely used to infill hole or part of the foundations of the current bridge.

Near the end of the life of this bridge, it was difficult to get over in the late 1940s and early 1950s. It caused considerable problems for traffic after being subjected to mine workings below.

1940s Milhuegh Bridge wm

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