Gird n Cleek

Many children throughout the early to mid 20th Century would have had a “Gird n Cleek”, or more commonly known as Stick n Hoop. They were made by blacksmiths and sold to children all over Scotland as a common toy. Children would be seen racing along the pavements and roads with their hoops, pushing them, endeavouring to keep them upright.

I noticed in this 1903 scene from the Village, a boy on the left playing with a Gird n Cleek. I won’t ask if you had one, rather if you know of them!

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I Gird n Cleek

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Stuart Tremble I remeber they had a wee comeback in the late 70’s……I had one and so did a few others who attended HBP Annex at the time
Jack Owens Ran miles with one of those.
Anthony Smith There were two kinds.Some had the handle attached to a ring,others just had a U on the handle.
Gord Fotheringham We could never afford one….sooooo…..we built our own……
Elizabeth Lovatt Spent many hours playing with my gird n cleek
Catherine Sneddon I remember a whip and peerie sorry about spelling aswell xx
Marlyn Isaac Chloe Annie Ginn Isaac mind i bought you one of these?. X
Chloe Annie Ginn Isaac OMG THESE WERE AMAZING 😁😁😁😁
Sharon Morrison Doonin Gary Morrison mind my dads in the garage
Gary Morrison Aye along with all the other sh@t !! X
Archie Peat It was like a foreign language !
Boys had ” oracles”
Girls played ” Beds ” (hopscotch )
Boys had ” cleek an gir
Girls had ” whup an peery
Boys played ” bools ”
Girls collected ” scraps ”
Boys made ” slungs ”
Girls played ” ropes”
All circa 1955 ! . Apologies for any sexism ! Involved
Betty McLean My dad made one at the Burnbank Bolt Work I loved playing with it running around Beech Place. It sure made a lot of noise but I never heard the neighbours complain.
Jim McSorley Also had one with the ring as opposed to the u It was noisy indeed
Michael Fullerton Remember my uncle told me he went to Ayr with his gird n cleek it got stolen he had to walk it back to Blantir
Alan Rochead Got one if you fancy a shot?

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  1. My dad used to tell me about the gird n clerk he said he used to run to work with it and when it broke down he had to walk the rest 🤣🤣 regards Ken Crombie my dad was John Crombie

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