Agnew, Fruiterer of Blantyre



Mrs Agnew– was a late 19th Century fruiterer at Larkfield, High Blantyre, according to Naismith’s Directory of 1879.

The business rented a shop in a small concentration of former homes and shops at Broompark Road, approximately where Carrigan’s Blantyre is today.

The 1875 valuation roll shows no entries for the surname Agnew, so she looks to have commenced her business in Blantyre between 1875 and 1879. It looks to be short lived, for by 1885, according to that valuation roll, her son David Agnew was renting the shop and its adjacent house at Larkfield, although by 1895, the family had moved. The coal business ceased to exist by 1895 most likely due to the nearby competition of the Dixon’s Pit or the deplorable conditions of the building.

The valuation roll for this building and adjacent shops and houses, in this area of Larkfield show many of them empty, telling that they were perhaps not fit for purpose. By 1901, there are no entries for the uncommon surname Agnew in Blantyre.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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