1987 Hercules the Bear

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.26.07Thought this was worth sharing. You may have seen this recently in the Hamilton Advertiser. Pictured from 1987 is Hercules the Bear at the inaugural Blantyre Highland Games behind Bardykes Farm (Wilkies).

The reporter noted, “Hamilton Provost Sam Casserly was confronted by bear faced cheek in March 1987 when he came face to face with Hercules the Bear and was ‘frankly terrified’.

Mr Casserly, chieftain of the inaugural Blantyre Highland Games in May admitted that had Maggie Robbins, wife of Hercules owner Andy had not been sitting beside him, he wouldn’t have gone near him. Hammer thrower Chris Black is also pictured with the bear.”

I have to admit, these were different times. I LOVED seeing Hercules at the Games, but as a Committee member for the current Blantyre Community Committee hosting our contemporary gala weekends, the thought of a bear amongst local crowds with children absolutely terrifies me and I can only imagine our insurers saying , “You want to do what?!”

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Lynsey Fojut Loved seeing the bear!
Tony Crawford See! It was real!!! 😂
Sharon Moody Loved the Highland games in blantyre
Maryclaire Hood Mari the year of the colouring in competition and you won a box of crisps 😂😂
Catherine McPherson Great games …. and all down to the hard work of Blantyre Round Table members and friends 👍🙂
Helen Lyon Fordham Juliana Lyon Sam Casserly is my grandma’s nephew
Juliana Lyon This is so cool!

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