1926 Sentenced, for killing otter


OtterOn Wednesday 21st July 1926, a low Blantyre miner was caught killing an otter at the River Clyde at Blantyre Weir.

The otter measured 3 foot and weighed 42 lbs. Police were called and the miner was later sentenced for poaching.

Otters are known to frequent both the River Calder and Clyde. As pictured here in 2014 by Jim Brown, this is the more traditional otter often seen, but as recently as winter 2016, an albino white otter was spotted at Blantyre weir by a Bothwell couple.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

2014 Calder otter by J Brown

2014 Calder Otter at Rotten Calder by J Brown

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