Sweenie’s Butchers Shop


1960s-james-sweenie-butchers-wmSweenie’s Butcher Shop – During the 1960’s and 1970’s Mr James (Jimmy) Sweenie had a butchers shop at 8 Stonefield Road not far from the bottom of Stonefield Road near the Old Original Bar.

The Sweenie’s appear to be incomers to Blantyre during WW2 years. It was adjacent to Gilbert the Bakers at that time.

It was not to be confused by the small sweet shop his wife ran on Broompark Road. The Sweenies lived at 53 Broompark Road.

Their daughter Irene taught at Whitley’s Business College in the 1960’s. It is often said Jim Sweenie’s shop had the most delicious sliced sausage in the town. Before Sweenie’s Butcher shop, it was known as Arbuckles. Today, the shop is now Tan Unique.


From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

Here’s a photo courtesy of Gordon Cook of both Gilberts and Sweenies together.


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Moyra Lindsay I remember the Sweenies well. I used to do Mrs Sweenies hair, nice lady.
Liz Boxall Good butcher .. but Peter Craig’s sausages were better yum yum 👌
Liz Allan His sausages were to die for xx
Robert Stewart Before it was Sweenie’s it was known as Cameron’s
Marian Maguire Yes great butcher, We nearly bought his broomark road house in 1975.
John Cornfield I was local to both Sweenies & Gilberts ( Camelon Crescent) but on a Saturday morning my chores were to go to Peter Craig’s & Littles surely the best of both worlds rolls and sausage bacon spiced beef ham mmm! They were certainly the days ASDA has a lot to answer for
John Cornfield Ps I know Asda didn’t shut them down but the butcher meat from Peters and rolls from Littles were light years away from anything Asda can offer lol
acqueline Muir Little’s rolls were the best I have ever eater although the bakers in Burnbank are a close second.
Jim Frame I remember gilberts the bakers had a van going around the streets in the 70s
Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley A got sent every sat.sweenies square sausages littles rolls still warm and a snowball for going.memories xx
Linda Macintyre Lived at 16 Stonefield Rd. in 50s. Remember sawdust on floor & carcass hanging. Also shop across road, butter sold loose & patted into shape. More fun than shopping now. HaHa x.
Anne Marie Murray We stayed at 30 Stonefield Rd and used to get sent to both shops. Remember them well I also had a cousin that had the butcher bike for Sweenies…
Tracey Cameron I remember this I didny like it cause it had saw dust on the floor
Joan Anderson Best meat ever. Dad always got ours from Sweenies – sawdust on the floor too
Eleanor Connor Was Geoff Pate’s next to it? … 💚 💛
John McNulty Remember it well
Helen Lawson Taylor My young brother Adam worked there in the early sixties .
Margo Wright Got my grans butcher meat from sweenies and butter from
Nicola Crowe loved this wee shop
Janis Orr I used to get sent for square sausage and then into Gilbert’s for an apple pie.

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