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My good friend and history colleague Robert Stewart shared these 3 interesting photos with me recently. Robert added,
1) The aerial photo is from July 1965. Points of interest, the scar on the ground, bottom right, the start of the ground works for the EK Expressway, and top centre, the railway embankment next to Stonefield Crescent.
2) the old SDA signage, at the right hand side of the Glasgow Road as you head towards Cambuslang. Not sure how old, erected between 1975 & 1991. 
3) Flower beds in Kirkton Park during 1996, now long gone.
On social media:
Margaret Elma Griffin High Blantyre Park used to look lovely sad to see it now lve always wondered when High Blantyre public Park became Kirkton Park was never called that in my day !
The Blantyre Project i think thats an 80s thing. The renaming of Blantyre’s parks must have been confusing to loads of people, myself included. This was always HIgh Blantyre Park, but i have to admit to calling it Kirkton Park since the Millennium.

Low Blantyre or Stonefield Public park will always be called that in my mind. I will not accept calling it McAnulty Park.

Catherine Davidson Didnt know public park was mc anulty park. I think the changes in blantyre has not been for for the better . Glasgow Road now like a ghost town.
Jim Brown The Blantyre Project low Blantyre park is also called station park in skateboarding circles
Eleanor Connor Brilliant ! 💚

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