1976 David Livingstone Primary

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 09.54.14Adding a bit of international colour on the evening of Monday 7th June 1976, were these girls of David Livingstone Primary School. The occasion was the school’s “Mothers and Daughters Night” which needed something of a certain flair to outdo the “Fathers and Sons Night” the previous week.

So, the theme was chosen as “International fashion” and girls both junior and senior at the Primary School attended with great delight, holding their own Miss World of the fashion scene.

The traditional blazers and school uniforms were exchanged at least for that one night, with a sparkling array of saris, buckskins, Hawaiian garlands and Dutch smocks. The parents association who organised the girls night out also organised a beetle drive and tea.

Thanks to Karen Paterson Simpkins for the photo. Can you spot anybody you know?

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