1967 Blantyre News


blantyre-project-news-yearMore Blantyre News from 20th January 1967. Some little interesting snippets of what was going on back then , that week.

Coatshill Tyre Spree
“Police have received a number of complaints of tyres being slashed in the Coatshill area of Blantyre. Enquiries are being made as a sharp instrument is thought to have made the damage.”

Headmasters Speech
“Headmaster of Calder Street School, Mr. Tom Moffat spoke at the meeting of the Livingstone Memorial Church Men’s Club on Monday evening about comprehensive schooling. Many questions were raised and a discussion followed.”

Bowling Club Annual Burns Supper
“The Blantyre Bowling Club annual burns supper was held in the clubhouse on Saturday evening. Mr David Straiton, President was in the chair. The Haggis was carried in by James Neilson, piped in by Mr. William Irvine and addressed by Mr. Jack Smith. ‘The Immortal Memory’ was given by Thomas Wright, Larkhall. Mr D.McBain proposed a toast to the “Lasses” and Mrs. M. Mitchell replied. Soloists were Mrs W Prentice, Mr. J. Robertson, Mr. W Kelso and Mr. A Arbuckle. Vice President Mr G Taylor proposed the vote of thanks.”

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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