Mr David Hamill, 1921 – 2017

**Update: Since this post, I’ve written a much better, fitting and detailed Tribute to David. It can be found here

David Hamill was born in 1921. He Lived at Berkely Drive and indeed in Blantyre for all his life.

Incredibly, at the age of 70, he took up hillwalking and by his 76th year had completed all 284 Munroes (mountains over 3,000 feet) Then afterwards he completed all 219 Corbetts, which are mountains 2,500 feet and over. He had a wife Margaret and a son Rab.

David celebrated his 90th birthday in 2011. He was a member of the Blantyre Hill Walking club, Blantyre Bowling Club and LBK 557 Masonic Lodge.

He certainly had the key to long life and keeping fit. Davie was often seen out walking everyday with his dog, Jet.

Sadly, Davie passed away on Sunday 5th February 2017 and his funeral service took place at 1pm on Monday 13th February 2017 at David Livingstone Memorial Church. He will be fondly missed by many people.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Meg Hamill Aw thanks Rabb x
Fiona McGunnigal Catherine Davidson is this a relation of yours x
Catherine Davidson Probably a nephew of uncle Sanny.
Meg Hamill My Pappy was some man 💜
Nicola Crowe Stephen Crowe
Raymond Henderson great guy…one of the Timbertoon legends…✌🏻
Wilma Hayburn McNulty He had more than one son
Marianne Stark Aitken He also had a son Davy 💜
Claire Clinton & Richard?
Marianne Stark Aitken Hey Claire 😘
Didn’t know Richard but is there not a daughter/sister also?
Gordon Mather A Gentleman indeed, gave me ( well cost me £60) my first golf clubs back early 80’s, very fond of this man and great memories, a real gem. Thanks very much Jimmy for Sharing these photos.
Gary Morrison A fine man
Blyth Read Blyth Legend 💟
John Paul Mclachlan He was a lovely guy. Many years ago I used to play golf, at the crack of dawn, with Davey and James Japp at Langlands and Torrance House. Had many enjoyable rounds of golf in his company.
Rita Calder Blantyre Project My Dad was born in Blantyre, he was a miner, he also worked in the gardens at Hairmyres Hospital then for many years in the Belmos in HB industrial estate, As a boy he loved to swim, as a teenager he cycled all over Britain he thought nothing of cycling to Dundee to goto the dancing, his next sporting adventure was golf, he played all the golf courses in Scotland, he was match secrtary for the Knight of St Columba and the would go to play in Spain, he was a member at Carnwath golf club for many years On his 80th Birthday the family asked him what he wanted for a gift, 3 mountains in Southern Ireland he wanted to climb, so him And Jim King went for a week ( someone to contact for all Dad’s Mountain tales). Also my brother John Hamill.
Wullie Bell Blantyre Project after semi retiring from hill walking he took up bowling and in his first year he won a trophy think it was in the doubles in his younger days he was a brilliant snooker player all in all he could put talents to any sport
Wullie Bell And I forgot a great cyclist he cycled all over Scotland
Donna Campbell Lived in the Timber Houses for many years, always great friendly neighbour when I was growing up there
Iain Mcmillan Lovely guy david went to livingstone memorial church
Meg Hamill David’s granddaughter here! My son chose to do a solo talk on him at school. I’ll send you it over!
Mary Crowe Davie was my cousin and a regular visitor. You couldn’t meet a nicer person. Think his daughter Rita Calder or his son Robert Hamill would be best people to ask about him
Ann Marie Donnelly Davie was one of my dads friends and I remember him coming to the house for a visit every so often. He was a lovely man
Julie Tabor Remember him and his wife
David Logie Played golf with him a few times when we were members of The Knights Of St Columba golf section.
Gary Doonin One of David’s sons Rab Hamill was a popular local musician in the 80s , talented guy to
James King My old friend miss him
Katrina Mitchell He was a lovely man & an inspiration to us all, God Bless Uncle David xx


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  1. Sons were DIck (Richard) Davie and Rab (Robert)
    I knew the family well in the 70’s
    remember him as a nice guy

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