Blantyreferme Boiler


In January 2017, my friend Alex Rochead was walking at Blantyreferme and took these pictures of a strange object hidden amongst the undergrowth. It was found just down from the railway embankment, just beyond Boatland. (Boat Jocks)

The object is large and clearly been unused for some time. We got to discussing it after his walk and I offered the suggestion that it was a large hot water boiler for the former Blantyreferme Pit Bathhouse. Whilst not 100% certain of that, it certainly is in the right location and appears to have at one time been an upright boiler or sorts.


The Bathhouse was still standing in 1962 as seen here in the colour photo looking from the Blantyreferme bing over towards Uddingston, but of course the building was not used at that time as a bathhouse, the pit already being closed for many years.

The old boiler is easily found due to its size. It is sufficiently distant from the former Brickworks to discount the possibility that it was associated with that business and I think was most likely part of the bathhouse.

Thanks to Alex for sharing.

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Alex Rochead I was asked by a good friend a well known local historian Wilma Bolton to have a look at this structure. Her daughter came across it on a walk. Due to it’s size and location I think it is the boiler for the pit baths.
Bill Graham Could it be the boiler for the pit winding engine or for pumping the water from the workings, it looks rather big for a hot water boiler.
Alistair Mathieson Looks like an old yellow submarine,lol.Seriously though its amazing the amount of artefacts from our past still lying around.
Kiain Balloch Interesting post, thanks for sharing. Might need to check that out when I get the chance.

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