1981 Gala Day Floats


The location is Glasgow Road, the year is 1981 and it’s Gala Day. Pictured here, courtesy of my good friend, Peter Leggate are various residents from Springwells. They’re standing on board a decorated “Robertsons of Springwells” flatbed delivery lorry.

Heading along Glasgow Road, the weather doesn’t look the best but hasn’t stopped crowds of people on the pavements and people out enjoying themselves.

In the other photo, the decorated theme on the lorry is “Today’s Pensioners” and “Yesterday’s Pensioners”. The modern 1981 pensioners enjoying holidays, pubs and rock music! The Pensioners from days gone by standing by a mangle doing the washing and incredibly the finely dressed woman beside what I think may be a piano on the back of the lorry!!

The Council these days don’t permit floats, an activity considered too dangerous, despite no real evidence that anybody was ever hurt or fell from them. As part of the Committee for organising modern Galas, I applaud the efforts these people went to in not only their decorations, but with their amazing fancy dress and sense of fun and laughter too!


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Philip Pohler Bring back memories Alison Kennedy?
Alison Kennedy I year after I was on a float. Good times.
I was actually looking at the programme today. X
Philip Pohler Similar weather as the year you were Queen though
Gord Fotheringham Those were the days…….and you can sing it
Michelle Devine Those were the days I remember the village galas wen we had to dress up as zulus it was may thompson that organised it she was lovely lady as I grew up in village there was many galas and trips to ayr it was great xx
Nicola Philp I remember being on the back of one of these in the late 80s
Lynette Baillie Me too 😂 x
Fran Mcdermott Walters I was on one with the youth club ..Majorettes lol
Susan McShane They used to do a summer fair every year in Ludgershall and they had floats go through the streets and a girl from the secondary school would be chosen as the carnival queen with 2 x princess’s.
Bill Graham Where I live now in Hampshire we have 20 plus floats every year at our carnival. No one has ever been hurt.
Davy Thomson Garry Crowley, remember the year you made the ship out of V??

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