1980’s Blantyre Victoria

1980s-blantyre-vics-from-kenny-weir-wmPictures are Blantyre Vics in the early 1980’s. This photo was shared kindly by Kenny Weir, with thanks.

Do you recognise anybody or can tell me more about who’s in the team in this era?

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Stuart Tremble F/R 2nd right Brian Mitchell, 1st right Tommy Colgon ?
Mark Laing Looking for John Grey,was my best friend when I was 5, his mun was called Netty I think 1 brother called Bobby and 1 Jim and sister called Laurìe anyone known, thanks
Carol Crombie Laurie stays in Blantyre still, on Glasgow road though not sure if her brothers still stay in Blantyre. Unsure if any of them are on Facebook.
Kenny Beecroft Mark , I’m afraid Laurie passed away last year .
Mark Laing Thanks for the feedback, gutted about Laurie
Carol Crombie Far right front row – Tommy Coghill! I think.
Lesley Hartley I recognise a few faces, names not so much. Ian (Ebo) back row 4th in from the left and Tommy, front row 1st right. Wish my nana was here, she could tell you them all. She would’ve been in the wee shop behind the players selling the pies and bovril lol. That is probably a relative of mine hanging out the serving hatch ❤️
Mary Wm Mbanugo She sure was got this pic is her memory case along with others can remember most of them lol x
Lesley Hartley Is that you at the window Maz lol x
Mary Wm Mbanugo Lesley Hartley I didn’t even notice that it does look like me OMG lol x
Lesley Hartley 😂😂😂😂
Lorraine Milligan My cousin Jim McGregor, back row second from the right.
Mary Wm Mbanugo Charlie wylie , Mike davenport, Bill muldoon , Micheal Jamieson,John mgurk, Brian Mitchell, Ronnie lawrie,Jim mcgregor, Tommy coghill,Allan summerville, john youngand a few I canny remember got this pic too x
Craig Hutton Second from the end at the right Harry Mcdade Claire McdadeJacob Derek McDade
Claire Mcdade That’s not him cuz xx

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