1958 View from Auchinraith Bing


Every now and again a truly fantastic picture crops up! This is one such occasion. Anthony Smith has shared a photo taken on 2nd June 1958 from the  Auchinraith Bing (or Merry’s Bing as some called it).

The vantage offered a fantastic view of much of Blantyre, including a direct view right down Elm Street, much of Auchinraith Road and of course Springwells to the right. By this time, the old Merry’s Rows had long since been cleared and Elm Street had some of the modern homes it has today. In the distance on the horizon is the Uddingston Gasometer and if you look closely the steeple of St Brides in Bothwell.

The foreground of the bing itself surprised me somewhat to see how rough it was, how dangerous it probably was to be up there, but given this pit closed in the early 1930’s, its highly likely people climbed Blantyre’s pit bings all the time. Looking at old aerial photos, I can see that this wasn’t actually taken from the top of the bing, but perhaps only about midway up it! Also in the foreground to the left is the start of the Auchinraith Prefabs.

Auchinraith Bing wasn’t taken away until 1967 and 1968 and then later again in 1975, when contractors came in to level it and make way for parts of the East Kilbride Expressway. You can see the railway next to Auchinraith Road in this photo, the swathe of land that would be cleared to later make way for the new road.

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Marion Anderson We played “up the bing ” for years, thinking about it now it must have been rather dangerous.
Davy Thomson Can remember the bing,, used to stay In croftpark crescent, the back of our house faced onto it
Etta Morrison we stayed in Beech Place and often played ‘up the bing’..think Beech Place would just have been cut out of pic on the left..
Maisie Whittaker I used to go up that Bing with my dad ,my mum would stand at the back door and we would wave over to her ,we lived in Birdsfield drive
Jim McDougall What happy times we had playing up the bing at cowboys and Indians , Late 40s early 50s Brilliant memories , And been sent up to get barrow load after barrow load of ashes for the Auld man to make his garden path

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