1941 Nickodemus Kakta



Anthony Smith has kindly shared this photo of his grandfather, Nickodemus Kakta.

It was taken in May 1941 on the family’s allotment at the bottom row of Bairds Raws, Low Blantyre. The corrugated sheeting was the fence around Blantyre Celtic football ground,near the stand.

While numbers of allotments fell in the 1920s and 1930s, following an increase to 1,400,000 during World War II there were still around 1,117,000 plots in 1948. Allotments were more popular than ever during WW2 years as people followed government directives to “grow their own” and “Dig for Victory”.

This number in the UK has been in decline since then, falling to 600,000 by the late 1960s and 300,000 by 2009. What amazes me in such photos is that miners found any time to work hard in their own spare time on such projects and clearly for many it was a necessity rather than any sort of leisure pursuit.

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Isabel Mcneily We lived in Bairds rows before moving to Coatshill avenue. Middle row number 35, Clarkin is the name.
Anne Mackie A gentleman with his polished shoes xxxxxx
Marcia Bryson Wonder if anyone has any pictures of Bairds Raws my father grew up there talked about it often would love to see some pictures of it
The Blantyre Project I should be able to bring you some very soon Marcia. Stay tuned on the page.
Caroline McDougall My mum grew up there xx
May Chalmers Great to hear old stories of Blantyre & allotments. My own father had an allotment which was behind the old register office in High Blantyre from the late 1960’s as well as his large garden in Stonefield Crescent, so,plenty of veg for us.
Kirstie Harrison I didn’t know my Papa had an allotment as well x
May Chalmers Yes he had one for years Kirstie. He used come home with his wheelbarrow full of vegetables & would lay vegetables on top of the neighbours hedges all the way down Stonefield Crescent until he got home x
Kirstie Harrison You learn something new every day x
Sally Jamieson May, now that you have mentioned them. I remember those allotments in High Blantyre.x
The Blantyre Project heres a photos of the allotments behind the Parish office. 1964

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Jim Cochrane I ploughed the ones in high blantyre with the tractor a few times and I am sure we dropped some trailer loads of dung over the years.the council took them all back when they knocked the registry office so they could build on it.
Christine Crawford I was my papas land girl. Miss him and the constant supply of veg and sybees!

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