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1970s-glasgow-road-wmTempletons Ltd – was a mid 20th Century store located on the north side of Glasgow Road, on the lower floor of a tenement to the west of the junction with Forrest Street. It had address 108 Glasgow Road. Situated between Forrest Street and Clark Street, this store was unique in that they would display a lot of their dry goods in shelves and canvas bags on the pavement directly outside the store, and as you can imagine this was asking for trouble with kids around. There was many a stolen mouthful of Oats, Carrot, Peapods, Dog Biscuits, you name it, kids stole and ate it. In those days there was very little packaged goods, mostly everything came in bulk, and most of that was in canvas bags and wooden casks.

The butter arrived in a cask perhaps weighing around 100lbs it was hoisted by hand up on the marble counter top where the cask was stripped away. The butter was wrapped in cheesecloth, which had to be wetted down and stripped off.

The Cheese was in a rounded ball of about 50 lbs, this too was up on the counter, outer layers of cheesecloth stripped off and duly cut into the proportions required by the customer. The hand cutting of cheese was done with a piano type wire. The butter was hand cut and shaped with two wooden paddles, again into the size required by the customer. You have to remember that there was no refrigeration then and things could get rather sticky, so a fair amount of water was being used to counteract the stickiness.

Mr. Billy Steven worked in Templetons in 1957 and 58. By the 1960’s following the tradtion of self service supermarkets, the shop changed where customers could buy things direct from the shelves instead of having to ask. During the first Sunday evening in January 1967, the shop was broken into and a significant quantity of foodstuffs were stolen.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c)

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Caroline Rundell I remember going with my mum to Templetons for the grocery shopping in the late 1970s. I vaguely remember going for a wander and going up metal stairs to the top of templetons – I was only maybe four years old but remember thinking what an adventure! Needless to say my mum wasn’t very happy when she found me!
The Blantyre Project when did Templetons move further up Glasgow Road nearer Station Road? Does anybody know? I wondered if that happened as a result of the old tenements being demolished.
Kevin Creechan I remember Templeton’s being on the North side on Station Road across from Clydesdale Bank at one point in the very early 80s before ASDA was built? Might be wrong but I do remember getting groceries with mum in that building.
Helen Clark I remember going when I was wee. It’s where the credit union is now.
James Nicholl Was it not in the credit union building / rent office
Linda Marshall I remember it having a big giraffe that u put money in for a shot. Can’t remember if it was 2p or 5p…god I feel old it’s a £1 now for those machines lol
Linda Marshall Was definitely there about 1976/7
Arlene McWilliam Green My Aunty Betty was Manageress in it Paul from 1973 – it opened not long after my Granny closed her grocery shop “McWilliam’s” on the corner where the barbers is now, she sold to Gallghers.
Arlene McWilliam Green It was in the new building then
Caroline McDougall I was about 8 when it moved up to Station Road, so about 1970.
Caroline Rundell I always remembered it being where the old rent office/credit union used to be in glasgow road so that was late 70s anyway – May Frew can you remember?x
Robert Stewart Broadway closed 1969. If I remember correctly it was demolished around 1973 / 74, and Templeton’s built on the site!
Jean Steven Frame It was there in 1976 when we moved to Blantyre.
Mary Sitters Oh I remember going to Templetons with my Mama. We left Burnbank in 1958 to live in Australia m
Rina Caserta Further down at number 28 there was my uncle, Antonio Caserta, who had a café in those days…can anyone remember?
Jim Donnelly Yeh I remember Tony Mrs Caserta and Angelo also opened the chip shop on Coatshill Ave was the fireplace shop for a few years corner of Springwells
Betty Mcneill Sure do
Linda Gilmour Roberts I don’t remember Templetons where you mention. I only remember it in the old broadway.
Sheena Thomson Yes it was there Linda, used to go from our house in Morven Avenue every Saturday for Mum’s shopping, and when I got married and stayed on Glasgow road it’s where I did my shopping hadn’t far to go, about 100 yards.xx
Kenny Mallan Thieving in Blantyre, Next there’ll be conflict in the Middle East and whores in brothels 🙄
Jim Duffy I only remember it at station road. Before it became the rent office.
Jim Donnelly Was one of my first jobs when I let school by that time it had moved to the top of Station road Wee Frank mcDonlald mrs McWilliams.
Louise McWilliam Miss Elizabeth McWilliam was my Aunty. She was the assistant Manageress in the 70s and early 80s. I remember going into Templetons to see her when I was very young. Arlene McWilliam Green and Nyree McWilliam I’m sure you can add a lot more detail to this 👍😀x
Arlene McWilliam Green Yes Louise, I have had a chat to Jim before about Aunty Betty x
Carol Crombie Had no idea Aunty Betty worked there! Well whaddya know?!!
Colin Duffy Remember it well every Saturday morning going for the messages with ma grany a helped carry them home 👌
Margaret Quinn When I was wee in the 50s Templetons was situated in Glasgow Road it was across the road from the Burleigh church or thereabouts remember the bike and the message boys they used for deliveries
Liane Prentice Yip I’m a hoarder x

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Jane Maxwell I remember the store when it opened at the top of Station Road.
Kenny Dalgleish Had it’s own brand foods called ‘Sunshine’. Think Mr Jeffrey from Merrylees Road was the manager in the 70s
Mary Kane Notice Stepeks Electrical on the left hand corner. Is that the Stepeks of Hamilton. Used to go to school with a Stepek. Would be interested in some of their history.
Susan Walker Graham My mum used to send me for the messages to Templetons…told me to buy a lettuce and came home with a cabbage…no difference eh !!! I was black affronted when she sent me back to change it..I still didnt know what a lettuce was..had to ask the till girl. Must have been about 12 …
Matilda Fulston I worked there for a short time in 1964 Frank McDonald was my boss

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